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Just moved into new apt, looking to burn without getting kicked out!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Big Oak, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. Hey all, this is my first post on this site. Glad to finally be apart.

    Anywho, yesterday I moved into my new apartment along with my sister. We live in Las Vegas, and they can be a little anal about weed out here compared to home (Los Angeles). We had a house before this and I could smoke as many times as I wanted to, wherever I wanted to, and man..that was the life!

    My lease says (in a bunch of legal wording) that basically one infraction of the Crime/Drug free lease addendum can get me kicked out. I really don't think that's fair (not that it matters) but I don't like to be told what to do in my own home, especially if I'm not hurting anyone and minding my own business.

    I smoke alone 9.5/10 times, and I use a gravity bong to do it. I don't like joints or blunts and have no other pieces. G-Bong is all I have and it's pretty big too made up from one of those big water jugs you can buy at the gas station or something. I've heard that bongs don't really make a lot of odor, and with my g-bong one hit will last me about 2-3 hours or until I feel like lighting up. On average probably around 4 times a day. Any tips from you all on how to keep that smell out or if g-bong smoke should make me worry too much? Greatly appreciate the help!

    PS: I've heard of using Ozium, and a sploof. I'm just terrified of getting kicked out
  2. Also, I live on the first floor if that helps. Where's my g-bong users at?
  3. You need to learn to like vaping or give it up. Bongs of any type just reek and you'll be caught. Don't chance it. If you haven't vaped you should check it out

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  4. Damn really? It seems like that might be the way to go then. I never knew they smelled so bad. I always thought my way was better because I didn't have the obvious blunt smell
  5. Thanks for that advice though!
  6. No, bongs do not reek nearly as much as any other type of smoking. Do not smoke joints or blunts, or you will be raped. IF you do end up getting a pipe or you just use your gravity bong. Make sure little to no smoke leaves the bong and that you hold your hits as to decrease the amount of smoke being put into the air. Pop open a window but dont smoke right next to it. As someone could see you blowing out smoke and get suspicious. Use a sploof if you have to and make sure you put a towel under your door. Good Luck!
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  7. Also just to throw in my own personal method, if you have a window in your shower room you could definitely smoke in the bathroom. Turn on your shower at max heat, make the room nice and steamy, make sure your window is open and smoke away! If you are worried about the smell lingering grab something to fan off the smoke like a book or something.
  8. Ranger_Rick, that's what I thought! I couldn't think of anything that smelled worse than rolling up. I didn't know if I held in my hits it would make less smoke but that's good to know! I'm gonna try all of that though. Thank you!

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  9. Ah nice man. My bedroom and bathroom are connected and about 10 or 11 ft away is my window. I think with the shower on is a good bet!

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  10. Invest in a vape.

    Yeah, you can find all these little methods to help hide the smell from your GB. But all it takes is one time for you to be evicted...which means it is 100% worth it to get a vape. Are you really gonna enjoy smoking weed if you're worried about getting caught all the time? I think not
  11. That's so true. Looking over my shoulder the whole time would sober me up really quick. I'll probably get one around payday but as of now I can't. I will definitely get one

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  12. Vape, no doubt, and as someone above suggested in the bathroom, with a towel and the exhaust fan running.
    I saw an extreme Q for $149 last week on the interwebs.
  13. Smoking one bowl every 2-3 hours won't smell for longer than 20 minutes. GBs are good for reducing smell. Apartment liver here
  14. U don't need a vape, if ur smoking like .3 a session there's no way for it to smell outside unless you open windows and shit
  15. That makes sense to me and yep that's exactly how much anywhere between .2 and .3. It's only one puff of smoke you know not a huge sesh. That makes sense though and I didn't plan on opening any Windows cause I'm really trying to keep the smell in rather than out! Thanks though Slim. Good to hear you're in the same boat and have had good experience with that.

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  16. Dang I just looked that up and that is a good deal! Probably gonna get one somewhere down the road. Thanks for helping out

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  17. Def a vape. I used the magic flight launch box in my room at my aunts which was right next to my cop cousin's room. They never noticed.
    Vapes leave a mild burnt popped corn smell
  18. yeah GBs are great for smell especially if you don't let the cherry burn when not pulling up on the grav. I have neighbors above me and to the side and the issue of smell has never come up
  19. I can smoke in my room as long as other parts of the house doesn't smell (still live with parents) and I usually have no problems with the smell leaving the room. I cover the door with a towel and ALWAYS COVER UR BOWL AFTER A HIT. All that extra smoke smells way worse then the smoke u exhale and then when I'm done I spray a little febreeze and in good to go
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  20. We made a video where we needed some smoke for effect, so we drew in on a large steamroller type pipe and blew the smoke un-inhaled in front of the camera. That stunk up the entire house for hours. Normally I vape and that doesn't stink up the house at all in comparison. This is the video (on dabbing).
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