Just moved into a sketchy neighborhood.

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    So I just moved in to what some might consider "the hood". I live in a town in the middle of Florida so it's not anything like Compton or Detroit, but it's ghetto. For example, it's dirty, a lot of people hang out in front of their houses all day, making loud ass noises and blaring shitty rap music ( by the way I'm a huge hip hop fan, fugees, mf doom, masts ace, atmosphere) but all I hear is Gucci mane and lil boosie all damn day, loud as fuck. A lot of people look like meth heads too, even my landlord kinda looked like he did meth back In the day. At first I was kinda sketched moving here, I don't wanna get my shit stolen; but so far so good, and it's been a week. The only reason I'm living here is because I'm a 23 year old college student, and my place is as big as a decent size apartment, and it's only 380 monthly, not including utilities. It's a multi family home though, horizontally placed, so there's only one floor. No hallways or anything. like a long house split into three houses. I smoke here sometimes. But I'm kinda sketched about my neighbors smelling. Highly doubt they will call the cops though, since we live in a bad area, and I smoke in my big ass closet that doesn't have ventilation. Do you think the smell would travel through? Anyway, have any of you ever lived in a sketch area?

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  2. Well bro, be a real g to your neighbors and you'll be gold. Just tell them the old rule "call me before you call the cops on me if I fuck up"

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  3. I grew up in the "ghetto" areas of southern california and i'd like to think
    the people there are different, but wholesome. smile and mind your
    manners and everything will work out.
  4. Ah man, just be cool. I've lived in a few sketchy neighborhoods in my day. If you're not a dick, mostly you just get left alone. Folks don't usually want to shit where they eat.
  5. Just keep to yourself and you will be fine.
  6. You must be white.
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    Oh yeah since you live in the "hood" the drugs should flow beautifully. By drugs i mean weed.
    this ^^
  10. After my foreclosure and a couple of months of being homeless, I moved from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood to Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood.
    And I dislike it very much.
  11.  Holy shit! Your powers of observation are godlike! :laughing:
  12. Hahahhaaaaa
    Don't worry, I feel the same way walking into Wholefoods!
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    Make friends with all the g's on the block. They'll watch out for you. Plus they'll have weed and connections.

    Make sure their "real" though or else you'll have to defend what's yours. If you don't you'll be labeled as a "bitch".
  14. Depends on who your neighbors are.  I doubt anyone would call the cops, but if it's really the hood then they'll break in and steal your shit when you're gone, especially if they think you have weed in there.
    A lot of cheap homes in Florida.
  15. I suggest keeping your habit to yourself. Get a gun. Don't attract attention. Don't be afraid to call the cops. Don't take no shit if it's really hood. But you being of Caucasian decent means your definition of hood probably differs slightly.

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  16. Don't be afraid to call the cops?
    Snitchin still in fashion

    Move out of there before you call cops on people dude. That's just not right.
    And if you think the gees on the block will honestly be your friend then you're mad.

    They might pretend to be your friend.

    But they ain't your friend.

    Don't be that naive.
  17.  LOLWUT.  So give them lenience because they're ghetto thugs? That's hilarious.  

     I'll rat them all out.  I'll do it publicly, and procure a sketch of myself penetrating their mothers, then sell it on ebay after everyone kicks my ass and i get media exposure, then when i'm on Tosh.0, I'll do it again in real time in front of the camera, and then I'll write my biography titled "The penetration of several whores".  It will sell tremendously.    

     I live in an extremely gang-infested area, and if I see some hoodlums acting strange you BET I'll call the cops on them. 
  18. I feel you i wish i could live in a white neighborhood wherre ppl water their plants and say howdy doo neighbor and bake cookies for the hood and shit but i live in bakersfield(stupidass so cal ) where ppl do drive bys over dumb shit i miss Northern California atleast up there ppl get along better
  19. in the last thread ive seen him in, he identified as African american people. lol
  20. Yea it's too bad you can't live in those neighborhoods....

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