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  1. Hi neighbours, just moved around the block! I love food more than anything, airsoft comes next and smoking weed. I don't like idiots, bad weed and Spring due to many alergies. Smoking weed 14y with some offs when market is out at my country, vaping for my nicotine past 7y. Had a successful grow back in 2017 but i never kept a diary or data.

    Started growing again this year, put my seeds in pots literaly before going to the family NYE feast.

    1x 600hps philips dual spec
    1.2m*1.2m*2m or 4x4x6 in ft
    3 fans, humidifier and dehumidifier, both for circumstancial use
    BioBizz nuts
    20lt / 5gal fabric pots and 3lt / 0.8gal plastic... lots of them

    also got a 40cm*40cm*1.2m tent for my mom plant (currently at day 13)
    1x 150W led dual spec
    no fan yet but will go for 2x pc fans at the end of week 3
    25lt fabric pot

    Currently doing a mistake of having 5 strains at the big setup, but they got same flowering weeks so it's all good. Keeping daily diary on conditions, my acts related to the plants/tents and checking them every 2-3h tops since they are in my man cave room. Living alone, house is above average (sq. meter speaking), but still being cautious and always there for my gals.

    So... I m looking to learn a few things, share my journey and be that smiling and odd neighbour living in that always dark house up the street...
  2. Welcome to the City.
    I brought party favors and welcome gifts. Doobies in the Bag. Hash Capsules in the jar.
    I'm out of T shirts and Hats.
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  3. Thanks for the goodies! New thing for me to eat, nice! *swallows a capsule*
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