just modded my vaporbros to be an automatic *with pics :)*

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  1. :smoking: i was just smoking and got this idea how to use my spare air pump. i saw how the inside of my vaporbrothers and that i could probably use the air pump to send a tube to fit in the glass base that holds the heating element, running with the connectors. there is a convenient hole built in the bottom for the tube to slide through. air doesnt RUSH through but when its on you can see a steady line of vape coming from the end of the whip. its nice because it helps noobs hit my vape a little harder (just tested it out on my neighbor) and i can rip it harder than ever lol. if u got any questions just ask

    p.s. you can also hook it up to a more powerful pump (as shown in my pic) to get retarded: just let it go until your lungs fill completely up and you just explode coughing everywhere :smoking:

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  2. Well my friend great Idea! I used to do something like that back in the day. I used to take fog machines and inject my partys with vaped weed smoke. Probibly one of my best Ideas since being borned!
  3. Whoaa, no joke?
    Please explain =]
    I have me a little fog machine.
  4. I love me my vapor bros too, although i might be to stoned right now to understand wat the hell u just made. :smoke: either way i love this shit and i gotta clean the whip soon but ive been lagging it :(
  5. nice touch +rep

    I've heard of the fog machine add, I'll have to try it out.
  6. dude when you clean your whip make sure you save all the stuff you clean out of it and press it for a while and you got a little hash to top your bowls off with ;)
  7. im def guna try and save the kief thats all saved up in the whip. Whats the best way to go about it. iso and evaporate????
  8. ya but you dont even have to do that whole process.. u can just dry it out and press it if u want to be lazy lol
  9. Dude! this is exactly what i have been searching for, I had a fish tank pump sitting around and also came up with the same idea but did not know how to execute it. Although my model is not a VB it is a box style so i'm sure there's not much of a difference in design. Can you go into more details of how/where you made the connections with the pump. Can you take some photos of the inside for me? thanks in advance
  10. yup, i'll put it up tomorrow or something... i dont have time to do all of it with pics and stuff until then. i can tell you right now you need an aquarium air pump and how much you want it to blow varies dependent on how powerful your pump is; 2800cc per min is working well for me. you also need some tubing and then i have a few different ways to connect it so depending on ur vape it can be as easy as duck tape or a bottle cap.
  11. Can you help a brotha out with the pictures and your connections you made?
  12. That is a great idea! It would seem like a good idea to post some details or wiring schematics for some others that want to try and build it.

    Smoke one!
  13. pics or shens m8
  14. not really a mod from the looks of things as modding it would require you to actually change something in a drastic way

    props for the idea though... do a few dry runs to make sure your element isn't getting over worked

    another idea for those lacking any sort of air pump is to break out the classic 'lung' design

    2/3 liter
    oven bag or in a pinch bread bag/ziplock/ect
    vapo whip
    few folded up bits of paper towel to seal your whip sans the tubing in the bottle

    same deal as a lung except you load the sucker with vapor yank the whip 'n take a monster heatgun grade vapor rip

    I'm sure there are better lung designs with a more piston like approach so get creative
  15. I thought this was going to be like an automatic time turn on thing. I thought of that when I was stoned one night. All it would really consist of is a vape pluggd into a wall socket timer. This would turn it on for sayyyy a wake and bake sesh when you don't really have the time to wait for it. Or already hot when you get home from work.

    A question about yours...
    Have you tried filling a bag with vape yet? like a volcano or vapir
  16. sorry guys ive been really busy the past few days. i'll try to get some more pics up by the end of the day
  17. alright i made a new one this afternoon so i could take more detailed pics. here's the materials list:
    vaborbros vaporizer (i dont know the innerworkings of other types, so this might work on them)
    2800ccpm air pump- can be bought at walmart. different size pumps deliver different strength air flow
    tubing- couple inches of air tubing. you can clip it at the end as needed. the shorter it is, the better your air pressure will be; again like $3 at walmart
    drill- a drill is nice to have but you can make sharp screwdrivers/knifes etc. work
    cap- here is where you can get creative. my first one i used a bottlecap, on this one i used the top from a waterbottle (i havent tested plastic i used here extensively, but when i used the aluminum bottle caps the did not heat up hardly at all as long as i KEEP THE PUMP ON BEFORE I HEAT THE VAPE AND AFTER I TURN IT OFF. its the only way i've felt safe keeping something on that glass. it takes the vape a little longer to heat up but it will. the best i would think would be a rubber stopper from a flask in a chemistry lab or something, but i dont have one.
    WARNING THIS WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY so if you fuck yours up its your fault and responsibility...
    so here is goes. im gonna do the steps by the pics:

    PICTURE1: depending on how new ur VB is you might have to take the rubber things off the bottom to expose the screws. once the screw are exposed unscrew them. its a square hole but you can use a 3.0 m/m flathead. theres a set of screws in the middle you have to poke through the sticker to get to. k so once the bottom is off you should be looking at what you see in pic 1. pay attention to the glass tube and the two white wires running through it.

    PICTURE2: waterbottle cap with a small hole drilled it and the air tube fit in. now we have to cut slits big enough for the red tipped wires to poke through so we can get a seal on the glass tube. (tip: mark your wires so you can mix them up when you put it back together).

    PICTURE3: those are the wires im talkin about. its best if you can slit your medium to slide it through to make it as air tight as possible(later you can fill it in with something else if u need to. slide them through the opposite way the tube is entering (this is slide them through the bottom of the cap). this step can be a little frustrating (i cut the hell out of my finger when i was doing it this morning). be patient and try new things. this isnt perfected at all and probably has a lot of problem i'm not aware of yet.

    PICTURE4: run the wires the rest of the way through and secure the cap on the back of the glass tube. you can superglue it or if its metal bend it around it. reattach the wires to their respective places.

    PICTURE5: screw the bottom back on and run the tube out of the 'light hole' on the backside of your vape. hook the tube up to the pump turn it on, turn your vape on, and your in business! good luck

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  18. Now, mod your phone to take clearer pics!

    Looks awesome dude
  19. lol i know its horrible! but it would have been impossible for me to try to explain it w/o pics ..
  20. What?!

    I want to hear how this is done.

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