Just Me Trying To Smoke...

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  1. So I was trying to smoke(now actually) and I didn't wanted to get caught by my dad. So I light the candle, spoof,etc.
    he's asleep actually at that moment, so I start smoking,first,second,etc puff. I hear bang bang(enough to be a footstep) and now I trip mann,im like fuck,hes coming hide tha shit.
    Hide all my shit,finally,was my dad having sex with my step mother.
    Epic moment. Just happened 2 minutes ago.
    I'm high. 

  2. haha oh shittttt he's gettin it in
  3. hah, lol story i thought you will get caught he was actually putting it in XD
  4. Lol been in that exact situation smoking full stealth here a creek and insta hide my shit and dive into bed wait a second hear more creeking... oh gawd.
  5. I've been in that position. I was hotboxing my room late night one time and I hear footsteps. I was like fuck fuck fuckkk I'm done. then I hear the bathroom door open and hear my dad take the nastiest, most vile shit I've ever heard in my life. I couldn't help but to laugh
  6. Not a very wise idea to hotbox your room, when you don't want your parents to know. Lol

    But I remember when I was a teenager i was smoking in my room at night.
    So I was pretty stoned, then I hear a bang on my door. It's my mom yelling "Open the door!", so I'm freaking out, so I hide my shit really quietly and lay in my bed pretending to sleep while I hear
    " Open the damn door now!"
    " I know your smoking dope in there"
    So I'm just freaking out in bed hoping to god she just goes away.Thank god i had my own lock on the door she didn't have a key to. Then finally after 3 minutes of bang on the door she goes back to bed.
    So I she already smelled it so I might as well smoke another bowl to relax:smoke:
    Next day she asks me about why I didn't open my door last night, and I said I didn't know what she was taking about I was asleep. She buys it and just tells me that I shouldn't smoke that stinky stuff and that it will ruin my lungs lol
  7. I'm really careful when smoking in my room. I use a bowl so the smell of burning paper or blunt wraps isn't in the air. I've never been caught and I do it every night. I hope it stays that way.

    my brother got caught smoking a kief joint in his room late night. the fucking smell circulated up towards the air vent and into my moms bathroom where she was at. she came out and opened my brother's dooor with the key and he was hella stoney. my moms eyes were red. she was stoney too from the fucking smoke that creeped into her bathroom haha
  8. you should ask him if there's room for one more

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