Just me or did The Union suck?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Footbag, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Thread title says a lot, but I saw this film and was really disappointed. For one, a lot of people posting on here recommend The Union to show to others 'against' (to keep things simple) marijuana, in hopes that they'll be more educated about it.

    Well, I wouldn't show it to anyone I respect for that purpose at all. And besides, the quality of information is mediocre.. It's a bunch of interviews, mostly with people I don't admire, and a lot of slide show photographs with video editing/animations with that profound sounding narrator voice that is starting to become popular in conspiracy/made for the internet videos.

    Am I alone again on this one? It's not the first time I've disliked a movie that people (I know have otherwise good taste) recommended. I thought Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was awful, especially after reading the script to make sure it sucked as bad as I thought it did.
  2. Its alright, but it is the best one out there as far as I've seen. It just seems like another documentary that people aren't going to believe if watched, but I can't say that for everybody, since people have posted saying their parents changed their minds after watching it.

    Or its just you.
  3. I thought it was fairly good. Seems to be just you.
  4. It's definitely not very professional, and it's targetted at people who already love weed. Nobody would ever change their mind because of it. It gets a lot of hype from idiots.
  5. Haven't watched it for the reason that I feel like I won't like it. I hear it is very biased on the pro weed side which I mean is what it is supposed to be about, but they don't throw in any negative effects it can have on some people.
  6. Well, seeing as how you didn't even make a valid complaint about the film itself other than personal feelings,

    It is definitely just you.
  7. I thought the union was fairly good best cannibas documentary I seen was "What if cannabis cured cancer"
  8. Seemed like a couple of wannabe tough guys making tired old arguments that are only impressive to people who haven't heard them 1000000 times already. Lame.
  9. My general belief on documentaries in general is that they suck. I have not felt compelled to watch the Union because it seems like any other biased fact stretched documentary out there. Inform people by looking up the facts yourself.
  10. I agree, not enough explosions or dinosaurs.
  11. It's fairly good but it shouldn't be the only one you see, you should combine it for example with marijuana inc, and compare/contrast. There are a couple more out there that I haven't seen, but the point is, don't make your view from one book nor one reading only.
  12. How weed won the west is the best one I have seen.
  13. i think a lot of the claims made on it like "duuude, show the union to your parents." i don't think it's a great educational video, but there's aleast one thing worth learning on there for everyone.

    but it's still an interesting video, none the less.
  14. I don't blame you, I thought it was kinda "meh"
  15. They have plenty of interesting facts that i never would have known, and i personally feel it was incredibly well put together considering the budget they had. Plus they have an AMAZING soundtrack hahah but thats just my opinion.

    Is it biased? yes, but what isnt.
    Could it change peoples minds? maybe but only if theyre open to being changed. My parents seemed to enjoy it but theyre level headed people that have fairly liberal views. In fact my dad thinks with americas dept crisis that it should be federally legal.
    Is it the best marijuana documentary ive seen? i'd say definitely one of the best, but there are other ones that are very well done as well. I liked BBC's "Cannabis: the evil weed?", it takes a much different approach then the union.
  16. This just stood out, been awhile since i watched, but it seemed fairly informational. I suppose it really is all about canada, and kelowna's impact on american weed infrastructure. However drunk as i may be don't be a dick:wave:
  17. It's honestly just you, or your attention span.

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