Just makeing sure my setup will work.

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  1. I have one 3 foot plant that has been in flower for just over 2 weeks. I was given the plant so now it is under a 150watt CFL wich is actualy 42watt and is about 2 inches away from the top it also has a 10 1/2 inch dome above it, and then I also put 2, 4 foot 40 watt regular tube flourecents behind the plant are these needed. Will this setup work is there n e thing else i should know?
  2. Yes, those tubes are needed. Your single 42 watt bulb is pretty weak for flowering. Generally, the more light the better. Figure a bare minimum of 30 watts per square foot while flowering; minimum.
  3. Ok I looked at those 4ft tube lights and they are only 25w each so an extra 50watts. Is there any other cheap light source I should put on it?
  4. 27watt (1570 lumen) cfls are $10 for a 4pack in the u.s. at homedepot
  5. And are you saying that 1 4 pack will be enough?
  6. umm.. a 3 ft plant?..
    youll be needing an HID if you want to get much of anything off it..

    youd need a 600W HPS to adequately supply light to the lower portions.. but a 400W with some quick tiedown points would be work..

    Im not a preacher of floros.. they have their use.. for seedlings.....
    but if you MUST use them get the 4ft tubes, with the highes output you can find for bulbs. and verticaly stack as many around the plant as you can!
    youll reach sufficiency with floros on a plant that size, when youve spent about as much as a HID would cost...

    either way, Good Grows!

    peace, bub.
  7. heres a few HillTempleCollective: JamaicanJam plants under a 600HPS..
    6 of these plants if not more, fit under a 600.. these finished shortly after this photo, at about 3.5ft tall.

    food for thought;)

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  8. I get Neg k for my above post? HaHaHa! thats actually funny... someone get mad because they cant afford a HPS?

    haters get stuck with sub-par shit.... Dont hate, cultivate:p

    dont be mad at bub if you cant afford to pamper yer plants:rolleyes: Ill keep growin trees:wave:

    Have a nice day!:D

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  9. OG Bub.
    Nice plants. I think nobody commented on them mostly because HUBSonDUBS made this thread to get his questions answered. It is then slightly rude to come in here and start posting pics of your grow. If you want to show your buds thats cool but, be respectful about it and make up a new thread yourself. It will probably get more attention as well that way. I am not a hater just keepin it real.
  10. Im sorry to keep it going but damn those are some nice pics budddy Im using 400 watt though with three plants so I think im cool

  11. High, right on, and thanks for the props.. but I was only trying to give an example of what advantage an HID could provide over floros..
    and beside those lil ladies are nothin I would brag about... I was just trying to inspire a nother potential promising cultivator to the best methods of growing..... as you cant desire more without an example to derive that desire from.

    So... Im rude?

    I have been on the mass of herb forums since 2000... I was CMMA's international liasion 02-03, one of 2 administrators of the biggest Med-MJ sites on the net from 03-05, held 5 caregivers licences, run 2 farms and 14 pot gardens, Im the breeder of a major seed co, Ive managed over half a dozen helpdesk forums for my own seedwork, CS rep, run a seed auction site, and advise growers in the midwest US and Cali.........
    I am well aware of my internet communication skills, and outside perception.

    I am confident in my ability of communication..

    but you critisize my placement of a photograph?
    I am rude for triyng to inspire above and beyond a flourecent light bulb?

    are YOU looked upon as a leader here?
    such degredation of a members' advice whom has a lesser history on a site, will only lead the general community to follow such a diplay of ignorance by "higher" members........

    mabey as a senior member you should be diplaying a little more "open'ness", as the obvious ingnorrant noobs here would be eager to follow such a biting path..

    My advice.. take it as you will....
    But to call me rude? Fuck you kindly.....
    I was hauling 5gal buckets of water to my ol mans gardens before I knew what I was watering...
    I have coherently, been cultivating cannabis from around the world for over 14 yrs, and breeding within regional/global IBLs and creating the most accurately representd Hybrid from therein, for 10 yrs....

    This aint a big dick contest...... is it for you?

    so please.... forgive me for trying to direct a fellow cannabis gardener on the healthiest and most productive path for his cannabis plants... with a little inspiration produced by picture.
    Perhaps I am in the presence of professional noobs...??

    how rude of me for trying to teach and inspire.....but I supose you think cause I aint busted 20 posts in a "herb friendly website" that aint even got a breeders forum....lol...Im a noob outta place.....


    youre keeping it real you were saying? please continue......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

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  12. VTECH..
    yer sig would lead me to expect a wiser sentiment.... and.... I believe We have rubbed skins previously.. in some manner.. any assoc. with BGS boys or overgrow?
  13. OG bub, your response is totally uncalled for:

    Actually no you weren't, from this and other posts on this forum it is painfully obvious that you are a breeder trying to sell your seeds under the guise of advice. Folks, just check this out. Uncool.

    Yes, we are all very impressed with your credentials, almost as impressed with them as you are.

    What's with the taunting, assumptions, and arrogance? You probably do have more experience than me -- OK, you win. So the hell what? Your plants look nice. So the hell what? Your posts to other threads are likewise full of put-downs, boasting, name-calling, and various other negative attitudes.

    Selling while pretending to be nice, bragging yourself up, and insulting people needlessly is not scoring you any points.

    This forum is what it is. If you don't like it that's your opinion and you are entitled to it. But if you don't like it then why are you here? Seriously.

  14. OG bub.
    I am so sorry that you took my post the wrong way. If you read it again you will notice that I complimented your plants and merely mentioned maybe you got no replies to your posts because some people might interpret your posting of pics under someone else's thread as rude. I was not trying to directly call you rude.

    You will also notice that nowhere in my reply did I curse at you or call you names. I have maintained my dignity, integrity and maturity which is more than I can say for you, as highlighted above.

    I also see no comparison of HID to CFL's in your above posts; just pics of your plants grown under a 600 watt HID which has nothing to do with this thread. If there was a comparison how about some pics of plants grown under the CFL's?

    Og you also say you have been on the mass of herb forums since 2000... You were CMMA's international liasion 02-03, one of 2 administrators of the biggest Med-MJ sites on the net from 03-05, held 5 caregivers licenses, run 2 farms and 14 pot gardens, You are the breeder of a major seed co, you've managed over half a dozen helpdesk forums for my own seedwork, CS rep, run a seed auction site, and advise growers in the midwest US and Cali.........
    I am well aware of my internet communication skills, and outside perception.

    I say, for someone who has supposedly held such positions I fear you have wasted many years of your life. I am sorry that all you're supposed "helping" has rendered you such an angry person who is way too quick to jump to conclusions and jump down other peoples throats. I just hope that you have not spent too much money on training, degrees, and certifications over the years because if so, you should consider getting your money back; you did NOT get what you paid for.

    So in closing I would like to apologize that you misunderstood my post and apologize that you took such offense to it. Hopefully in time as you mature and practice your "helping skills” you will indeed learn some professionalism and gain some respect for others that are also just trying to help.

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