Just made my mom cry

Discussion in 'General' started by Bizzoo, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Yeah, im moving out of my parents house today (here i come Chico) and my mom just woke me up to say goodbye cuz shes gatta go to work.

    i get up, hug her, we say our goodbyes, and she literally kissed every part of my face at least twice lol, then just started crying.

    they were happy tears, but every time i see my mom cry it makes me either hella sad and i gatta fight the tears back, or i get super pissed and wanna beat some ass.

    You know, i used to think my mom absolutely hated me, but this showed me that she really does care about me....makes me a lot happier to know that.

    blah, not sure why im making this thread, its early. Im half awake....ima go smoke.

    oooooh yeah. im going to know a total of 2 people in chico lol. soooooooooo if anyone wants to make a new friend, hit me up :wave:
  2. Aww...that's sweet. Good luck!
  3. lol thanks =)
  4. You're movin to Chicago? You must go to Secrets.
  5. naw man. Chico. Its a college town like 4 hours north of where i live now.

    SO ill still be living in norther california (whiiiich im happy about)
  6. Awww, mommy doesn't want to see her baby go, but at the same time SHE TOTALLY DOES!:D

    She's just happy to see you've found your footing.

    Hooray for Mom's, seriously.
  7. lol thats exactly what she said.

    "your my baby, i dont want you to go. Are you sure you dont just wanna get an apartment in san jose?"

    lol damn, 2nd time smoking by myself and im super baked again. I gatta learn the difference between a community bowl, and a personal one lol.....or now that i think about it, maybe i dont haha.

    someone should make

    -=The Official Moms Appreciation Thread=- lolol
  8. haha chico is gunna be fun as fuck

    i have a homie up there
  9. we did, on Mother's day a couple weeks back...

    But yeah, that's sweet...can't WAIT until my daughter moves out - I have at least 16 more years, she's not even 3 yet.
  10. I'm pretty sure AFD made one a while back.

    Good luck, dude. :)
  11. blub, ah man, that's sweet

    she loves you dude :cool:
  12. that's cute :) i hate seeing my mom cry though, it's terrible. moms just shouldn't be allowed to cry

    have fun in chico!
  13. good luck man! sounds like a deep moment, sorry if that sounds corny. I feel like I have cousins in Chico but I only met them once at a family reunion.

    They did smoke weed though so that's one more person to chill with ;)
  14. have fun partying in Chico, lol.

    the bay area will miss you. good luck on your adventures. :)
  15. Best of luck out on your own.

    Make your mom even more proud.
  16. Aw, be sure to visit her as much as possible. My mom cried too when i moved out :rolleyes:

    Its important for an adult to be able to have a good relationship with their mother. Once I moved out i had a completely different relationship with my mom. She is more of a mentor/someone i can ask for advice instead of a parent. Now instead of mother to son, its adult to adult.

    Good luck in Chico :wave:
  17. yeah Chico is supposed to be chill, My cousin goes there, i think it rains alot.
  18. That's a very interesting story. I know a few people up in Chico... I just didn't know it had a reputation of being a collegetown. I know they have some gooood weed up there however...

    Good luck, sir.
  19. Totally disrespectful & inappropriate.
  20. lol what people do for fun nowadays.

    anyways, thanks for all the luck everyone. Ill be taking a leave from GC, not for too long. Just till i fix my computer or buy a new one (im usually on the family computer)

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