Just made a vape today

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by kushenthusiast, Jan 26, 2014.

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    Man this shit works
  2. No pic? That's it? You tell us you made a vape and that it works....and no pics?
  3. Yup. That'll do it. Crazy clean buzz with hardly any smell. Save your dollars and invest in a stealthy one after you get to loving it. And welcome to GC!
  4. You should explain how you made it
  5. Just don't let a cop see it. He will think you are using hard drugs.
  6. Ah yes, that was the very first piece I used when I was first starting to toke... they work pretty well if you clean them out and make them right. Me and my buddies would gather around a candle and take turns tokin' on it... hah.
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  7. [quote name="Kris Benwa" post="19408502" timestamp="1390721351"]You should explain how you made it[/quote]I cant explain it rn
  8. lightbulb vape, also my first vape wayyy too many years ago.
  9. Ha shit man i wanna know how to make one is it on google?
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    Well... let me google that for you...
    and for video reference (and because I liked the more "sturdy" feel of the bic pen tubes rather than bendy straws when I built mine..."
    Also, in the video he has two separate pen tubes, one for the mouthpiece and one for the carb, I believe I only had one for the mouthpiece and then would just unscrew the cap slightly as a carb, but you could also just make a widish hole and keep an extra finger over it instead. 
    The biggest thing is to take your time and do it right. If you think you've cleaned out all of the stuff in there, you haven't... wash that shit out some more. Be careful not to break it. And only use as much tape as you need, you don't want it to be close to where it hits the flame.
    There are so many threads and videos about this, but it is always nice to see new setups, hear peoples opinions, maybe some tips.
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    It's basically a homemade version of this:

    You can probably get them for a couple bucks at your local headshop.....
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    Meth pipe
  13. Naw man, that's a "forever" rose encased in a protective glass container. :smoke:
  14. I used a lightbulb a couple of times. Gave me an incredible clear hear high. Almost too clear.Sent from my W100 using Tapatalk

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