Just Lost a Bunch of Weed. What should I do?

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  1. So I went to my buddy's house and brought about 8 grams of weed. We smoked some, and I put it in his lockbox. When it was time for me to go, he put it I'm my backpack, but forgot to zip the zipper. His mom who lives out of town was going to give me a ride home and so my stuff was in her car. I hadn't realized my backpack was unzipped so I just threw it in his moms car. Then I got told I was going home with his dad so I moved my stuff inTo his car. I then got home and went into my backpack so I could put my weed in my safe and my weed wasn't there. I later got a text from him saying that his mom called pissed off because she found weed in her car and she was pissed and throwing it away. She doesn't think that I was the one that did it, but I'm pissed off that I lost all of my weed. Luckily, I always keep a big nug in my safe, for a rainy day. Do any of you have an experience in losing a lot of weed? If so, what did you do? Thanks!
  2. backpack?
    his mom drove you home?
    I hope you know, this forum is for adults 18+ and you sound
    like a kid to me.
  3. I am 18 but my car is in the shop, and I brought my backpack to put my pieces in.

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  4. He robbed you.
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    Ok, that was a message from the age Police...but since I once got a ride from a friends Mom at the handy ripe age of 23 one time, I'll just assume you are of legal age..mmkay?..anyway, yer weeds gone..forget it..and Id also wager that your friends mom KNOWS its YOUR weed regardless of what you or anybody else thinks...and as for losing weed, I once had to toss out almost an ounce of some mexican dirt weed and a brass power hitter because the blues made a ueey after I passed em with a busted headlight at 1:30 am. Such is the stoner life young man. And a really wise man might keep open the possibility that Talon just presented...that your "friend" may have just "forgotten" to "put" the weed back into your backpack.....Who the fuck lets someone else "put" things away in your own backpack and then doesn't doublecheck? Theres so many fuck ups going on here in such a short amount of time, next time you toke it up with this guy just toss your unsmoked weed into the pisser and flush it cause you WILL lose it again....odds are.
  6. i doubt he robbed you ... but its possible. either way 8 grams isnt much at all, youre going to need to move on
  7. If you and 1 other person know about it; it goes missing, its the other person. If his parents saw it, they would have confronted you on the spot. Its his parents, and your drugs in their car; they'll for damn sure get in your ass about it.

    Your dude straight jacked you. Learn a lesson from this and don't be stupid.
  8. his mom lives out of town and didn't notice till she got home, and I said in the forum. My bag was in her car then I was told I wasn't getting a ride with her so I took my bag out.

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    Dude your friend could of taken the weed then made up that story and purposely unzipped the bag on you think it was an accident and the weed just fell out of your backpack. Who knows though, Not saying it's true but it could be a possibility. I doubt it though. Anyway you can't really do anything about it now except make some money and buy some more weed. Good luck.
  10. Right let's just cut to the chase here.

    DO YOU think he ripped you off?

    That's all that matters mate. If he's a good friend to you then don't fuck that up over 8 gram especially when it's a very plausible thing to happen.

    If he did tax you're weed from the back pack, think about it so much could have went wrong for him from the walk to house to car. If you had noticed .

    When you next see his mum she's gonna dig you up about it.

    Oh of she doesn't then yea your mate shafted you lol
  11. I dropped 5g right after I picked it up getting in and out of my truck looking around for my GPS..
  12. Kind of sounds like a porno lololol. 18+ friends mom catches him with drugs and makes him earn his weed back
  13. oh god... This comment XD best one ever haha.

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  14. One of my all time favorite pickups ever and I come home to my dog eating it. What did I do? I called my guy and brought some more weed, got high, and forgot about it

    be carefull. Your friends mom could have gone to jail because you can't keep your shit on you. Your lucky
    LMFAO! ahahahhahah
  16. Didn't read...... Solution: Get more Bud
  17. Hell man.... An ounce infused into oil. My carpet is now stained weed green.

    For the most part just buy more
  18. Just drink some bleach OP
  19. Why the hell were you rolling around with 8 grams in the first place? 
  20. In case his mum found it lol

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