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  1. i have germinated my seeds successfully and placed them in rockwool and matured under 3 household cfl lights, cool white for more blue spectrum for a few days.. then i put them in pots and continued in the same place for ten days.. now they are on theyre 3rd set of leaves not including the ones that pop out of the seed so i went up a pot size and they had roots at the bottom which is a good sign from what i know as it wasnt a massive build up of them i have now placed under a 400w hps dual spectrum light quite a distance away, i know i have to bring them closer slowly so that they dont stretch, they are between 3-4 inch.. just watch confirmation or advice to know what i have done is wrong or correct and if my timing has been right. thanks for reading ☺ my seeds are blueberry twist fem
  2. Well, first off, the hps bulb will not help your plants too much in the veg stage. If that light is interchangeable, you need to change the bulb to the metal halide bulb...which is the one for veg, hps is for flowering. You can continue to veg them under the flourescents, but you need to pack in as many of them around your plants as you can get in there. The household bulbs just aren't as strong as the ones you actually grow with and more light equals bigger plants and better bigger buds. You're going to need to veg these plants for many weeks to get them to a size where they are big enough to flower. Keep your containers small from the very beginning...starting with Solo cups is great, to confine the root space. The first thing a plant does after going into dirt is set about creating it's root system. Until it is finished doing that, the foliage just sits there and waits. When the root system is formed to the plant's satisfaction, you will start to see foliage growth and the plant will start to use water more frequently. The smaller the space the plant has to root into, the quicker that happens it gets back to growing foliage. Putting a tiny plant in a huge pot will only cause it to take an inordinately long to get it's root system together. Start them in small containers only potting them up one size when the plant itself becomes larger than the container it's in (wider and taller). This is typically a good indicator that your plant is slightly root bound in the current container, which is what you want and need before repotting. But confining the root space as they come up gets them bigger faster and it also resupplies your plant with nutes from the soil with each repot. By doing this, the grower does not need to use nutrients in their plants in the veg cycle until way on down the line. This is how we start and deal with ours and I typically don't even start giving nutes until a couple of weeks before they go into flower. Nutes should be started only after the plant has had the chance to use up what came naturally in the soil. Don't try to rush your plants. No matter what you do or what you want, they're going to grow at their pace. They've survived for thousands of years without the benefit of man hovering over them watching every leaf twinge, so give them a good environment, the light they need, a proper amount of water and leave them alone. It would really help you out to get on the new grower threads on the forum and read till your eyes pop out. There are lots of great threads there specifically for the new grower that contain the basic information any grower needs to know, preferably BEFORE you get a plant. Going into this and not having a clue how to do it only makes for a stressful and usually unsuccessful first grow. Be smart. Study up about this. It's totally different from any gardening I've ever done and I've been a gardener all my life. So read, read, read and then read some more. Information is your friend!! TWW
  3. i know people who do a full grow from start to end with dual spectrum hps lights? but after researching after reading your post i have decided to invest in some cfl grow lights for my next attempt, whats my chance of success this time around with just hps lighting do you think? i thought dual spectrum meant it was ok
  4. TWW thanks too!☺

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