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just looking for some insight

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by rage6945, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. if you dont feel like reading and giving advice, don't bother with this thread, i just feel like some seasoned tokers have been through similar shit to what i'm going through now, but you gotta know a little background first.

    at the begining of highschool i got really depressed, i lost touch with a lot of close friends, i thought everything was really going downhill for me, then i started smoking weed. it kinda sounds cheesy for me to be like "weed saved my life" but it really turned it around at the time. mostly because besides getting high and forgetting my problems, it was something social i could do with everyone (everybody and their grandma smokes in highschool.)

    so all of highschool i only smoked the herb, i had a great friends, no one was gettin into harder drugs, i was happy and content with how this changed my life. senior year rolls around and a lot of my friends got into the whole pill thing (which i RARELY indulged in, i mean like once or twice in my whole life) and shit started getting reckless. partying all the time, being high for EVERYTHING, smoking and driving every time we got in the car, drunk driving (probably the worst idea of my highschool career), and i finally had my run in with the law by the end of the summer. i got possesion of marijuana and paraphanelia (in jersey they take that shit a little too seriously.)

    so im off to college with my dreaded court date over winter break, with probation and a huge fine ahead of me. first semester i make a lot of cool friends, smoke occasionally, met a girl that im dating and in love with, lifes good. now my court date has passed and the drug tests have started and i've made the concious decision to start out my probation being 100% sober, (just to be safe for the first few tests, and ive taken advantage of the time to hit the gym and get in shape while im clean).

    so now im left pondering.... what about life after probation? my family and girlfriend are more than happy that im not smoking and don't want me going back, but at the same time i feel like i should continue smoking occasionally, like how could i look at this plant, the plant that got me through some of my worst times in highschool, the thing that always brought me up when i was down, and never touch it again like my closest loved ones want me to? at the same time a lot of my friends would respect and support occasional smoking, but how can i ensure that will stay that way? i know weeds not "addictive" but it would be pretty easy for me to get back into my old habits of smoking all day every day (theres nothing wrong with that in my opinion, but personally i wouldnt want to lose my girlfriend or the respect of my family over it)

    im not looking for a solution, just some insight, whatever words of advice any of you may have. im not looking for the "you can smoke and detox during probation" advice, i know i could do that, but i figure a lot of seasoned tokers have at some point been on probation or had to adjust the frequency of their smoking, or dealt with their loved ones opinions on their smoking habits. im just looking to balance this all out
  2. I'd say first off just make it through your probation without any hiccups (a.k.a. don't smoke at all) and then see if you still feel the same way. If you still think you want to go back and keep smoking do it occasionally at first...and I'd also suggest talking to your girlfriend about it and being straight up about why you do it (she's probably a lot more likely to understand than parents usually are). It shouldn't be too hard for you to keep it an occasional thing if you're not around the same guys who smoke everyday all day.

    Just remember, as a lot of people on here have said: Make weed revolve around your life, not your life around weed.

    Good luck!
  3. i dunno if you got any hobbies or anything man but i recommend finding something thats a kinda frustrating task or hard project and just kick its ass while your on probo dude, then you can kicks probation ass and feel good, and kick some project ass and have something to show for it...I think completing 2 things (one of which just requires you to "be good" haha) is a great feeling of accomplishment. Plus it keeps you off the toking idea...unless your hobby is like collecting 60's albums hahahahaaha
  4. i think you should just simply stop for a while, dont think about it, TRY to stay as much away from ur stoner friends as you can, until a little after probation, then you can smoke occasionally. but dont do what alot of my friends do and risk smoking on probation its really not worth it man. and dont get back into it, even though smoking all day everyday is fun it really does hold you back from doing other things (dont quote me on that) use weed, dont let weed use you. but you should still smoke a few bowls with your friends every now and then, nothing wrong with that at all.

    but i wish you luck man, sorry you got a charge that really sucks.
  5. Honestly man, if you are happy without it then id stay clean. The plant got you through high school, you had good times with it and you will always have those memories. But sometimes its just better to move on. Your happy now without it. I guess you have to ask yourself if it is really worth it? Sometimes change is good
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    Do you have heavy charges on your record?

    If you have any misdemeanors or felonies I would go clean from then on out. You've experienced the high life but you need to stop. It will be hard enough to get a nice job over someone who doesn't have anything illegal on their record.

    On the other hand. If the probation time dropped everything fully, clean record, that's a different story.

    After that, I would find out why the family wants you to stop.

    If it's due to the government propganda, I would have a sit down with all of them. Show your maturity and your manhood by confronting everyone about it. Show them The Union if they believe a lot of what they heard in health class.

    If it's due to your health I would try to show them facts and get them onto your side.

    If it's due to something deeper then. Well, family > weed.

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