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Veg feed or Bloom feed ?

  1. Veg another week

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  2. Veg another 2 weeks

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  3. Start Bloom now

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    I have a few plants on my veranda so technically outdoors since I am not using artificial lights. My plants are healthy. 2 days ago a couple of them started to show pistils. The problem is I think they are still quite small to start blooming. The tallest and most developed is only 35 cm (14") tall. some are just over half the size of that one despite all having gotten same treatment and attention.. I am aware during the flowering stretch the can double size (mind you the strain is mostly indica - as far as I know some sativas can even triple in size during this faze).

    I am on the fence about continuing to feed them veg mix or start them on a bloom feed. I would like them to grow quite a bit more but this strain has a short flowering cycle (35-55 days) and I fear if I dont get them on the bloom feeding schedule then I might pay the price later.

    Would love to get your input on this. Thanx in advance for any replys. If you do not have time to give me a reply I started a poll please care to cast your vote. Cheers ppl
  2. It may not necessarily be flowering yet
  3. Some pics would help

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  4. how so? I thought that would be a clear indication that flowering has begun ...
  5. I can post a pic. you want a pic of the plant or a close up of the pistils ?
  6. Both would help a lot of ppl answer your question. Also how many hours of sunlight u getting? In Hawaii we flower through summer by giving supplemental lighting and the switch from supplemental to our summer hrs of light 13.5 hrs it automatically starts to flower from that switch

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  7. Pistils will show up in veg once it's mature enough to flower, so it doesn't always mean (for sure) that it's flowering
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  8. I am getting 14.5 hours of sunlight here atm (not all these hours are DIRECT sunlight but still they are doing their thing). There is never a cloud in the sky. It is VERY hot but the strain I chose to grow is meant to handle hot climates (still it might be a bit too hot) but as I said they seem quite healthy...just small. Tomorrow when I get light I will take a couple of snaps. Whole plant and then try and catch the pistils that shot up about 3 or 4 days ago. Mahalo for the reply. BTW Id love to go to Hawaii one day ... its one on my bucket list
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  9. Hawaiis great and all but it's expensive lol and for growing kind of a bummer hrs are always short in the day humidity is always high , gotta grow sativa if u want monster plants. But if ur going into flower I wouldn't cut off ur nitrogen fully I'd give half strength for stretch or less

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  10. Yeah here are some snaps. The pistils did start on the nodes if they were just on the nodes I wouldnt worry about it one bit. but they are on the tips as well now (hope you can see in the pic) so they are going into full blown bloom.

    These two plants are the biggest and smallest of a bunch I germinated on the same day (believe it or not!) The bummer is they are really taking off just NOW. they are growing an inch to an inch and a half overnight. Im inclined to switch to bloom but go through a few days of a type of all purpose fertilizer instead off a total and drastic switch to bloom overnight hoping they still grow a bit more and maybe get a worthwhile harvest out it still.[​IMG]

    Still want to get input from fellow growers before making a decision.

    Thank you all for your opinions.
  11. I'd give 1/2 grow and 1/2 bloom probably till week three of flowering.. yup ur going in flowering but u should get some decent smoke out of them. Hawaii we have this problem a lot, plants flowering to early.

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  12. I'd give 1/2 grow and 1/2 bloom probably till week three of flowering.. yup ur going in flowering but u should get some decent smoke out of them. Hawaii we have this problem a lot, plants flowering to early.

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    So I followed your advice as I said I would. The plant doubled in sized before topping out. It is now in 4th week of flower with some ok buds. Some are even showing some frost (even though you cant see in these pics) . So all in all what seemed a bit hopeless I think in end up ok in the end.
    plant.20170713_173209.jpg plant.20170713_173316.jpg
    As for my other plants only a few days ago started to bloom and were germinated at the same time so they are pretty big and beautiful those if all goes well in give me a happy harvest. Thanx again for your help.

    Keep Growing Bro...
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  14. Great job man that's coming along real nice keep up that green thumb!

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