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  1. Hello Forum...

    Third year outdoor grow. First year a beautiful sativa which harvested close to2lbs with not 1 seed and fantastic smoke? Very happy to say the least. Second year, got greedy and planted two attempting to duplicate the first year yield. Both turned herm during flowering due to my messing with it thinking I was a pro and yielded about 1 oz decent herb and 3oz seeds (at least). Big pain int he rear to remove seeds, but free smoke is free smoke.

    This year, started in June and plant is around 3' now. Here's the problem, I had to cover the plant with a trash can a week ago for a period of 10 hours in the 85
    degree heat due to privacy. Some leaves withered (as expected), but plant is having a serious growth spurt and is now taller, fuller, and seems to have much more life. I am very concerned with plant turning herm or already have due to stress. I know during flowering this would be the kiss of death, but during veg?

    Is there any way to visually inspect now if she is a he/she during this stage? Usual harvest is around the end of October and I can usually visually tell by the first week in September when flowering begins, but again I'm concerned.

    If my calculations are correct and she stays a female (hopefully) this should be a fine harvest riveling that of year one.

    High quality bag seed (500/oz) not sure of strain.

    Thanks for your input!

  2. When a plant starts the flowering stage it will begin to hit a growth spurt and can really stretch depending on the strain. Next time you have to cover up the plant on a warm day for whatever privacy reason give it a good watering first. Keep an eye on the nodes a few down from the tops, thats were I usualy see first signs of sex with plants grown from non femmed seeds. So if it hermies on you thats where you would probably see the first signs of it.

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