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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by waterhurley, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. well im perscribed ritalin and havetaken 80mg from 8am till about 8 pm. my buddy cut me a small line of blow. i have some weed im about to smoke, but i have a few valiums left.

    should i pop the valiums now or wait maybe another hour? i was plannin to go all night but shit never happened so im geekin at home bored and just atleast wanna sleep for a few hours eventually

    ps i have a high tollerence to both ritalin and benzos. last time i did coke was may and it was only a small line
  2. Take em an hour or so before you want to go to bed.
  3. i just dont wanna be on too much shit and die or something. ive had coke and amphetaminesand im just hoping the vals reverse the geekness without killing me
  4. Dude, valium is like the asprin of benzos.. If I can eat the equivalent of 230mg of valium and a handful of muscle relaxers and not die, you're gonna be fine.

    I use(d) xanax/klonopin to come down off uppers all the time.
  5. i would def pop it, maybe even too

    damn your pretty lucky u got perscribed ritalin
  6. pop em all

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