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  1. A video of an "astronaut" exploring "craters" on a road
    in the southern city of Bangalore is the latest civic
    awareness project by artist Baadal Nanjundaswamy
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  2. It really says more about the local politics and local taxes than anything

    imagine if that be your street?
  3. Imagine if nasa isnt real and theyre just using computers to design pictures of space/planets/galaxys.

    How do satellites stay in our gravity, follow the earth around the sun and not crash into space debris.

  4. Crashes happen all of the time it just never makes the news

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  5. I didnt know cos i never hear/read about it.
  6. Oh NASA is real alright all those Nukes in space put up in the 80's for the usaf
    won't rust but will come down one day,

    maybe not by mans hand either?
  7. We have nukes in space too? True or false?

    Jeesh nukes in the ground, under the Arctic, and now sorrounded us in space?

    If you read up on modern military tech, such as tanks, mostly ground warfare, seems like we are just getting close as possible in terms of destructions and armour without going nuclear.

    Alot of these tanks the army has is like a one man army itself lol, all digital. And effective for what they are made for.

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  8. Military_Expenditures_2018_SIPRI.png
    Thats OK this years army cash is going on the wall Mexico will pay for says POTUS
  9. Placement of WMDs (nuclear and biological) in outer space is banned by treaty. That's the good news. The bad news is that all sorts of weapons (lasers, EMPs etc) now exist which are not covered by this treaty. The other bad news is that we (the American people) haven't had proper civilian control of our own military (in any practical sense, not technically) since JFK was assassinated in 1963. Thus we are no longer allowed to know the details of our military's missions and payloads to space, we're just required to bend over and bark like the bitches we are in order to pay for them. So the real correct answer to your question is "nobody knows".
  10. Kind of a double edged sword, if you know the enemy knows.

  11. Wonder what kind of anti survalience tech is out there. Many countries have capabilities to see and detect many things even deep underground from miles away.

    Not to mention how humans always want even after they've been given
    Someone who knows something all of a sudden gets offered a few billion for secrets and then what?

    I may go under the impression of, if I can sit here and think something up, it's likely to have been thought up and/or done a dozen times before in history, or will be.

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  12. With nuclear defense systems and other WMDs since 1945 it doesn't matter what the enemy knows. In fact the more advertisement of knowledge the better as it makes for a very effective political tool.

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