Just like mom used to make....

Discussion in 'General' started by McLovin23_x2, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Only I'm not mom, and she never made pipes.
    The point is, is that I've only bought one actual pipe, and it was a chillum, because I just feel prouder when I'm smoking outta something that I worked my ass off to make. Now I'm not talking like a plastic bottle or nothing, I mean like a legit piece, like something that you out work into.
    Anyone else make any pipes? Ive made two bongs, I've made a couple bowls, and I'm working on a bong soon to be finished. I'll post pics when its done, and i think this will be the best one so far. Anyone else make legit pipes?
  2. I made myself a legit peace pipe. That thing had such a huge bowl, and it ripped like a champ.
  3. outa aluminum foil when i didn't know how to roll and didn't have a pipe
  4. that is all me and my buddies used to smoke out of...all home made pieces and they were all nicely made, as soon as i get a diamond drill bit ill have the sweetest home made bong ever:D
  5. I would like to see some of your peices. Do you have any pictures?
  6. You should carve yourself a wooden pipe.
    Now that is a proud accomplishment (I have not done this but want to).
  7. I have thought about making a wooden pipe but how would you make the hole inside it all the way through ??
  8. Use a drill
  9. Drill in a really long screw..
    Then drill it out?
  10. show some flicks man!!

  11. i tried uploading some of the bowl i made, but they wont come up, and my bong that i made are long gone. but once this one is finished, no problem.
  12. or just drill a hole with a bit
  13. You have some big drill bits!
  14. Nice man... nothing like the fruits of your own labor

  15. I've made too many bongs to count.. They're usually just various bottles that I find all over my place, nothing too special though.

    I did make a fucking sweet aluminum pipe one time... But I god rid of it when I finally bought some glass.

    Been through too goddamn many glass pipes in my life btw.

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