Just let nature take its course?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kklouzal, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Any specific reasons as to why i cant just take a seed, and after its been germanized just plant it in my backyard?

    I'm sure it wouldnt be as strong as if i were to grow it myself indoors with all the lights and stuff but why cant i just let nature take its course?

    Unless it absloutly will not grow on its own, then i dont want to waste my time
  2. None at all.

    'Germanized', heh that's a frightening concept.

    "Vee haff vays off making you grow!"

    Because mother nature is a bitch.

    Survival will be the problem.
    If you're not going to even attempt the basics of plant care, then the chances of it reaching the point where growing (or not) is an issue, are very much reduced.

    A slug'll eat it, a cat'll dig it up, it won't get enough rain, it'll get too much rain, a bird'll poop on it, your dog'll stand on it, the list goes on. A strong gust of wind? ;)

    If you can look after it for the first few weeks until it establishes itself, then it'll grow, but the chances of you ending up with anything approaching the quality of street weed are really really slim.

    Apart from that, unless you're in the southern hemisphere, the season is drawing to a close.

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