Just let my dogs try tons of foods

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  1. So i was high and munchin, and as usual, my two dogs, big puppies really, not a year yet, were right next to me begging as hard as possible to get some scraps. They just try to look real innocent and cute and try to shake my hand (they think they can get anything like that).

    So anyways, i saw some feta cheese in the fridge and thought they probably never had that before, so i gave them each a small piece to try it. They loved it, so i let them try a ton of things. Cheddar cheese, ranch dressing, slice of apple, vanilla ice cream, pepperoni, ham, turkey, carrot, and there may be a few i forgot about... Then i gave them a scoop of peanut butter, they love that. Then each got an ice cube, which they also seem to enjoy. Every thing i gave them was a small piece or a just enough to get a nice taste, not trying to have them throw up or shit everywhere.

    I was baked, and they really enjoyed it. I bet the refrigerator is mysteriously incredible to dogs.

    Anyone else ever give their dogs a taste test of a ton of things?
  2. Haha, I love giving my dog little bits of my food when i'm high, the look of satisfaction on his face is so worth it!
    But I gave him a grape once...Threw up for like 20 minutes solidly on my floor, pretty disgusting.
  3. I've never fed my dog junk food, but this is the first thing that came to mind when I read your post

  4. My dog fucking loves ice. I don't know why.
  5. When arbys had their 5 for 5 roast beef deal, I would feed my cat almost all the roast beef off of 1 sandwich. I've never had a dog :(

  6. Yeah but a little bit of something won't hurt them, they're wild animals, i'm sure they can cope with a little human food...

  7. Don't give dogs grapes. It's more toxic for them then chocolate.
  8. Kinda off topic since its about my cat but he runs to the fridge eerytime I get ice water and scrambles around looking/waiting for some ice to hit the ground. Then he seats treatment ice around like he's playing hockey. Funny shit
  9. I give my dog some food. If I dont sometimes he'll try to jack me when I'm not paying attention.
  10. my pup lovesssssss eating ice cubes too.. if she hears someone getting ice from the dispenser in the freezer, she hauls ass to the kitchen, sits down and waits for you to tell her to do a trick so she can have a piece haha. during the summer i used to put it in her water bowl but stopped that right quick once she started tipping the bowl over so she could get the ice.
  11. my dog loves ice too, it must be like a popsicle to them

  12. I obviously know that now after cleaning up his vomit for 10 minutes...
  13. No dogs but.. I have a cat that will eat damn near anything. Ice cream, cake frosting (one time I caught him eating out of an open container of it), all kinds of meats, gravy, potato chips, tortilla chips, all kinds of cheese, bread and yogurt, slurps spaghetti up like a human which is kinda creepy to watch.... I have another cat that eats spinach. She's not nearly as cool as the other one.
  14. Haha yeah i wish i had a dog i got a pretty cool cat though.
    Like i saw him outside my house eating a joint of roast beef before which he must have stole. Also a builders van was down my street one day and the dude got out and left the door open and my cat jumped in a robbed this dudes pasty, some funny shit.
    He ate some of my dad's curry once aswell.
  15. I have a cat too, he's notorious for licking butter. Like whenever there are rolls or bread at dinner and butter gets left out uncovered, the cat will jump on the table or counter after we leave and lick the butter. I have caught him a few times but you can also tell whenever it happens because his cat tongue leaves a distinct mark on the butter.
  16. I've had many butter dishes broken this way.. My cat somehow gets the top off without me knowing and then gets like WAYYY too into eating the butter and knocks the bottom part off the counter with the butter still in it.

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