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just learned not to get stoned while pissed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by davida0829, May 18, 2010.

  1. dont know what you ment by this but if you ment the moddem no i didnt lol would be a cool lookin pipe tho
  2. for sure
  3. this thread sounds like a bromance between bongin shaman and davida lol

  4. very comical lol:rolleyes: but no i am just needing advice and he is giving advice and he sounds perty chill
  5. heres some advice....

    Instead of giving us a list of fuck ups u think u do cause ur "high", u should literally
    stop smoking
  6. that's just silly
    if i'm pissed, i smoke and i calm down...

  7. meh ur opinoin and honestly u sound like a douche dude i am new to the world of marijuana and i will learn from my fuck ups and i will never stop smoking dude i love marijuana and i blamed my dumbass i learnd that it wasnt the fucking pot now you can live in ur fantasy world where i stop smoking and i will live in my world where i wont

    and u know what its douche bags like you that causes me to hate people you sound like my fucking thearipist

  8. lol what i was trying to do and it was working till my dumbass knocked over my bong onto my 360

  9. It most certainly does not.

    Trolling is an art, saying clearly obvious mis-information that does not pertain to the topic at hand at all. Fucking with people for your own amusement, etc.

    Trollin' for the lulz is always fun

    Associative words include, newfags, tri-force, bridge, and lulz


    On an unrelated note the thread title is very misleading.
  10. sorry of i got the info wrong on trolling the internet thats what me an my friend call it idk please inform me so i know what it means next time :)

    an yea sorry bout the misleading title idk how to right a good title so i go with what my head tells me lol

  11. I'm sorry

    but your bong should be NOWHERE near expensive gaming equipment ;)
  12. why dont you guys give him some good advice?

  13. whoa. easy killa. no need to get ur panties all in a twist. im jus trollin on u ;)

    that being said...theres alot wrong wit this thread, and yet did u get any advice??:poke:

    I didnt read any...did u?? back to my fantasy world :confused_2:

  14. i agree with this guy. there's a pretty cool meditation guide on this site in the philosophical section. you should check it out
  15. what the fuck is going on here

  16. The lulz

  17. thats for sure learned my lesson there =] :D

  18. yea i did get advice and thanks for going to ur fantasy world :wave:

  19. thanks man :)
  20. i agree with bongin shaman, you should try meditating, it really does work wonders, it has for me.

    it cant hurt and i really think it would help you to stay calm and happy, it will also put everything in perspective, once that happens things should start going your way again, or at least more than they have been

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