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Just keepin' it simple...

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ihavenofriends, Dec 30, 2012.

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    Okay.. this is my second attempt. I'm pleased with the results, but some will probably say I'm doing things wrong. I am just a 53 year-old guy with nothing in the way of knowledge or cash. I bought 10 white widow seeds from Attitude Seed Bank (feminized). My light setup is just one "UFO" and 3 CFL's (daylight). I started from the beginning with a tiny plastic fan blowing on the plants and the stalks on these are real beefy. I water with a teaspoon per 2 cups of Black Strap molasses and a half teaspoon of Miracle Grow with every watering. I also burn a little Sterno (for CO2) every day for maybe 30 minutes or so. I also open the window in the room every day to let in fresh air, but I only keep it open for about 5 minutes. THAT'S IT FOLKS! other magic or bullshit. As you can see in the pics, (4 weeks old now) the results are fine with me.

    If there is anything I have helped with by all this explainin' then my job here is done. :wave:

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  2. looks great, but from everything Ive read in this forum (no personal expereince, Im not aware of these products being sold here in germany) miracle grow soil/fertilizer seems to be shitty, besides its monsanto, so its fucking evil... it seems to be working very well for you though. and instead of the tin foil on the walls, either flat white paint or mylar are supposedly better.
  3. Thanks for the tip.
  4. hey you know what great job I grow the same way, all natural just molasses. They look great, but of course the more light the better. If possible i would get some more light on them for flower. hps lights yield the highest, but I also recommend T5 lights, they are great because they produce little heat compared to hps, yet they yield good normally around .5 grams per watt, probably 2x as good as cfls. has a good selection.

    Are you planning on flowering with the cfls? If anything i would throw in some 2700k cfls (warm), with the 6500k (daylight) ones that it appears that you have.

    Cfls can still produce some good plants, on my first grow i used about 100 watts of cfls and got 1-2 ounces total from like 3-4 plants.

    LSTing (low stress training)the plants also can help, by tying them down a bit and exposing the lower parts for an increased yield.

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