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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by RaStA Love, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. hello everyone....wanted to see what all the buzz was about on here,see what my boyfriend Diamond Rasta was always looking at.

    im guessing somethings like this.... :)

    heres a eighth of Double Diesel


    a bowl of Double Diesel mixed with some Afghan


    me doin what i LOVE to do.... :smoke:


    thanks for lookin...i'll be posting more soon.......my goal is to have a bad ass glass slide collection one day!!!
  2. Welcome to GC :wave::smoke:
  3. I think I have a new favorite member... sorry Doin ;) ;)
  4. Life has got to be very interesting with DR (to say the least, I'm sure)!!! :p I think you're a brave girl and, from what your man says, you're pretty fucking cool! :)
    So, welcome to the City, girl! :wave:

    Maybe if I ever feel the need to throw something at him through the screen (because it happens from time to time :p), I can just hit you up and ask you to do it for me. :p


  5. Welcome to the city:hello::hello:

    ya know i reconize those buds..:rolleyes::cool:;)...
    So ur dating who:eek::eek::eek:
    Pray for you I will............:laughing: :poke:

    Lmao...jk..of course....Im glad youve joined in the fun...

    Im not much into glass but we do have a whole glass area..
    just be careful in there, those doods.
    are a lil crazy about the glass...UNO...;)


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