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  1. Hi everybody.:wave: I am a woman grower/toker and I live in Wittmann, AZ. This is my first real crop, about to go into flower. Just wanted to say hi. I have been reading this forum for awhile, but there were problems with activating my account. I got my posting priveleges yesterday:hello:. Awesome growing advice. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to post all of this information for all of us to use.
  2. Welcome to the city lady. Im only one state over from you irl...

    What strains are you working with? Do you have a grow journal up?
  3. I am sorry it took me so long to get back. I have been down for awhile. I'm growing Black Domina, a Kush called Master Bubba, and White Widow. I don't know how to put up a grow journal, but I'll figure it out. Thanks for the welcome!
  4. Hello everyone,
    i registered today only, just wanted to say hi to everyone :)
  5. welcome to the city blades :) stay high and keep growing!
  6. Welcome to GC. Its a great marijuana community. Just like a big ol weed family. Cya around :)
  7. Welcome.:) much love
  8. A Big Thanks to everyone:)

  9. here you go miss27...;)

    im hoping she gets it figured out, or logs in again... im interested in the Black Domina...:cool:
  10. Damn, a master kush bubba kush cross sounds sweet!! Vaping some master kush mixed with some og kush right now :) White widow is also amazing, but ive never heard of black domina

    Welcome to the city!!! :wave:
  11. Welcome to the city! i herd black dominia is great! What soil are you using? Witch seed bank did ya score from?

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