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just inspired a bunch of hash

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by RedRose, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. i was smoking my joint and with the hit a load of hash came directly in my lungs. the hit hurted as hell and i had to cough hard. do you think i have to worry about it?

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    do you mean inhaled ash?
    nevermind i get it
  3. inhaled Hash yes :D
  4. If it is going to be a problem you would probably still be coughing now. 
    Depending on how much of it you got down there and how much came out in the coughing you've already done it could be a minor problem for a week or so.  I've accidentally inhaled small chunks of this & that over the years.  Lint balls are the worst.  Took me a week or two to of feeling like I had a cold or something to cough that little ball of fuzz back out.  Felt better in about 30 Min. after I did.
    If you start feeling like you have pneumonia see your Dr. if you don't shine it on and be more careful.
  5. thx, after sleeping a while i got better :laughing:
  6. :yay:
    Then you might notice a little extra random coughing for a while but it should be no big deal, switch to a vape for a week or two while your lungs clean them selves out and you'll be golden.
  7. i think i just overreacted feel good now :smoke:
  8. [quote name="RedRose" post="19411307" timestamp="1390770116"]i think i just overreacted feel good now :smoke:[/quote]You don't say?.../pointless thread

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