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Discussion in 'General' started by infiniteawesome, May 2, 2006.

  1. Ok, my roomie just ordered psilocybin cubensis spores via online. We're in cali where it's illegal to ship spores to, but he found a site that will do it and he says they should arrive in less than a week.

    While I'm excited and generally sure they will arrive safely, I wanted your guys' advice on something.

    IF the DEA or the state law enforcement somehow intercepts the package, what will happen? Will they come to our house and arrest us the second we take it? Can we just deny knowing what's inside it? Need advice. :confused: :confused:
  2. Normally they cant do anything for the reason that some people try and mail other people illegal shit just to get them fucked. Im pretty sure your spres will come through A-Okay though!
  3. ok well ive gotten mail order bud before. its the same laws with anything. YOU ARE NOT responsible for your reciving packages. the only person who might get any shit would be the shipper but most shippers use fake addresses so the case gets dropped. you will recive a note instead of the package if they are intercepted.
  4. should be just like seeds..

    goodluck growin some yummy mushy =D
  5. i got some bud in the mail the other day just fine.

    hurley, i work for UPS and i've heard of a big shipment 10+pounds being brought to a guys house and the police busting him after he signed for it. but thats a POUNDS, not a half ounce
  6. damn u got bud in the mail?? thats awesome!


  7. LOL, fuck digging tunnels under the border, UPS bitches!
  8. You should probably be fine with spores, if seen pounds upon pounds of STANKY bud get through the mail countless times, I'm sure your spores will make it it through unnoticed.
  9. at most i believe they confiscate it and send you a letter stating that illegal materials were being sent to your address. I believe that's what happens when they intercept seeds and things of that sort.
  10. thanks guys. all advice appreciated.
  11. all they do is green tape it shut and send a not telling you that your spores have been confiscated.

    for a few spores nobody is going to show up at your door. but my advice would be to next time get a po box across the cali border or something and mail it there

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