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Just how much would a single indoor plant smell when grown in a wardrobe?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SwitchSmoke, Dec 29, 2012.

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    I'm considering doing my first grow, inside of an empty part of my wardrobe.

    I have it mostly sussed out on how I will set it up, I'll run that by you guys in a separate thread when the time comes but for now I'm wondering just how much a single plant will stink up a house?

    I'm probably going to keep the wardrobe open 24/7 with my ceiling fan going and some windows open and perhaps something like citrus magic/slow burning incense going to cover the smell up.

    I am open to perhaps purchasing a carbon filter/fan thing but I'm not willing to go chopping apart my wardrobe to get intake/exhaust fans.

    Should that be sufficient or is it likely to still stink?

    Reason I ask is that my Father lives with me, although I own the residence so don't be jumping on me for growing on somebody else's property.
  2. Hello, my plant is almost a month old and she smells about a 5/10, im growing an indica strain.
  3. Depends how big but any substantial amount will stink up your whole house
  4. I see. Well it will be only one plant but I plan to grow it reasonably large, is there something I can buy/do (besides cutting holes in the wardrobe and using intake/exhaust fans) to make the smell limited to near/inside the wardrobe?

    I've seen the standalone charcoal filter/fan kits and while expensive they are supposed to be good.. any advice on this?

    Thanks guys
  5. You can have an inline and carbon filter just recirculating..should kill all the smell

  6. I will look into this then, thanks heaps for your help!
  7. I picked up my clones from the dispensary and my wife commented on how much they smelled. That being said, it may help if you can take the doors off your wardrobe and get a zipper door. They sell panda film and sticky zippers to make a light-proof door instead of the regular doors. That with a carbon filter and some creativity may help your situation.
  8. I recommend you try to get a strain that doesnt smell characteristically like weed... there are definitly huge variations in the intensity and kind of odor, with the same setup and different strains you can have either a light odor thats not possible to identify as weed in one room or have the whole house stinking skunky. Im pretty sure though that without a carbon filter youre always gonna have some smell.
  9. Best bet is a carbon filter, there are lots of DIY threads for it here.

    You can also use an ONA bucket or ONA blocks, which tend to work well with only a plant or two.

    If its a skunky smelling strain, I'd go with a carbon filter and a fan pulling through it though.

    Good luck!

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