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Just how fast does tolerance build up when you smoke daily?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mr Kite, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Every time I acquire some weed, I tend to smoke daily and in relatively high quantity (1.5g to 2.5g a day). I just have no control over myself when it comes to that. Plus, I actually do like the feeling of being in that trippy haze all day long...

    Problem is, tolerance appears to go off the charts very quickly. After a week, sometimes even less, it seems I can no longer achieve the full-blown psychedelic highs I had in the first few days. One aspect that disappears extremely fast also is the appreciation of music.

    I'm currently into my 12th day of daily smoking and I already feel like I'm wasting my weed a bit. The thing is, I hate tolerance breaks...

    I was wondering if it wasn't just an impression, just the loss of novelty after those first few magical bowls following a long break.

    How long would you say it takes for you daily smokers to build a noticeable tolerance?
    (enough to require a break)
  2. It's not terribly fast if you're just smoking weed and no hash or hash oils, but you won't have that new high feeling no. You can still get high, smoke more. Smoke stronger stuff, etc. If you want that new high feeling, you can't smoke daily unless it's like one bowl a night.
  3. i notice tolerance directly after a session. if i took a 24hr break it last about 3x of getting good and stone then its effects are lessened drastically
  4. I agree. Its downhill after 1 sesh. One thing that does help though is try to change up what you smoke out of. For instance use a pipe one day, joints the next, bong the next, etc.

    Especially when you just smoke out of 1 utensil dayin and day out your mind will make it more of a routine thing and you won't notice the effects as much

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