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Just hear me out

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by ImOn3Marijuanas, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. The craziest thing I've ever thought of is the concept that everyone sees in different colors. For example, the way I see green, you see red, but that's what you were born with so it's normal to you. When you think about it, you can't describe color without using the word of the color that it is. There's no possible way we could ever really tell what another person is seeing. Your grass may appear pink through my eyes but it's what you've seen your whole life so it's normal to you.
  2. I think I understand what you're saying...I'm not sure.

  3. wondered the exact same thing all the time man. if it is true, then it works fine, eh? ahah. like each person sees the spectrum of light differently.

    but if you want a technical answer then here you go Synesthesia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  4. messes with my brain
  5. Man! I think the same thing all the time, im slightly convinced its true.
  6. Don't you think there would be some issues If everyone saw colors differently?

    "don't press the red button ImOn3marijuanas, only press the green one."

    What If your green was my red?

    .... Nuclear war.
  7. No these issues wouldn't exist, the only difference would be the actual way we see the color, not the label.

    Me and you could both see "green" but my green could pink and yours could be blue.
  8. But yeah I've always wondered about this..
  9. colour blind people?

    and if this is true, my colours are the best, fuck yall lol
  10. That means all the color names would be different for everyone, and eventually one person would call something red, and another person call it yellow. Idk, every color wouldn't match for everyone it seems.
  11. yeah homie its not really worth thinking about
  12. ... How?

    Wouldnt everybodies green be a different color?

    under this logic

    If you tell 2 people to pick up the green tile in a group of tiles that were green and pink,
    Eventually someone would pick up a pink tile and insist it was green.
  13. OP there's a ton of philosophy on this stuff. Perception--->language--->qualia--->philosophy of mind--->private mental states

    I could go on and on. There's really no way to explain all of it without some philosophy background.

    Congratulations on coming up with a really hard question that will probably never be answered here.

    Look at the bottom of this page under where is says, "good as indefinable" and see if what it says about reference to objects touches on what you're thinking about.

    G. E. Moore - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  14. some of these people arnt understanding the OP's point lol..
  15. How about this one.

    You can know about the color of the grass 3 ways. Knowledge de dicto, de re, and de se.

    So the de dicto is the part that can be converted to language, in as much as it fails to properly deliver the relevant information via language, then you cannot understand the color of the grass based solely on a description of it.

    Then there's knowledge de re, which is knowledge of the thing in itself. This is the philosophical hot spot of the whole conversation. Some people say you can't know the thing in itself because of the filters through which we perceive things. But you can know as much about the grass as you can know that it's not something besides grass. That could be confusing. Sorry.

    Then there's knowledge de se, which is knowledge of the self, or...knowledge that's ascribed as a property to and object by an individual as a result of his or her unique interpretations of the circumstances surrounding it combined with that person's prior beliefs.
  16. Once thought like that. Then science came along.

  17. What do you think Kurt Godel would say about your thoughts here?

    Maybe that they are incomplete?

    I'm just saying....when I read your sentence I replaced "science" with "jesus" and the logic worked the same.

    Please tell me you understand what I'm saying.

    Science isn't a religion. Don't praise it. Do it. Know what it is man.
  18. Haha I like it! I've wondered this with a few things while sitting at home stoned, but then I forget when I sober up. I need to write this shit down.
  19. i used to think this too.

    same goes for how sound feels to others. do i sound like me? do i sound like you? do i sound like me only to me but to nobody else or vice versa?

    how about vision? do people see things in a different shape, color, or size than i do? what if my vision is altered and a block of wood to me looks like a tree? is this why i make abstract art? am i on psychoactive drugs?

    my brain hurts.

  20. Yep. I am with you all the way. I think this idea of perception carries over into all aspects of the human sensory experience. There is no correct way to name something in our language, because every person's experience in this life is completely unique to himself. The human way of describing things is pretty much a broad generalization.

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