Just had to sign up for Selective Services

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  1. govt says i can go out and kill for them if they need me to..

    .. but i cant drink a beer...

    ..but i can kill...

    ..but i cant drink a beer...
  2. Yea?

    Been that way for a long time.
  3. I have not signed up and I probably won't until they force me too...
    If a draft ever comes I will be duckin' to canada or I will become a conciensous objector.
  4. I will purposely break my ankle.
  5. when i had to get my adress changed on my license, the bitch at the counter waited for me to pay the 20$ duplicate fee, then was like you have to sign up for selective services by law. and i was like no thanks just give me my license, and she was like i cant give it to you till you sign the paper, and i was like man give me my money back then, ill go somewhere else. and my mom was like just sign the shit. so i was like "LADY, i am a MUSLIM! I AM NOT GOING TO KILL PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY OTHER MUSLIMS BECAUSE YOU ARE AT WAR WITH THEM! THIS POLITICAL SHIT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME SO PLEASE KEEP ME OUT OF IT!!"

    so she was like its a felony not to sign up. so i snatched the paper and very very very illegibly signed it. it looks like i wrote "manoman" or some shit, my names muhamed lol.
  6. Good shit...
    I'm not signin up for this until they come to my door haha
  7. Um, it's been like that for a looooong time buddy. I didn't agree with it when I turned 18 either, but its just the way things are right now. Look at it this way though: we're probably not going to have a draft any time before you turn 21, which means you WILL get to drink a beer. Feel any better?

    If not, smoke some weed. I hear that stuff works better than alcohol anyway ;).
  8. Thank god there are so many healthy 18 year olds for them to go through before they would ever reach a decrepit 23 year old for the draft.

    They do go for the young ones first right?
  9. they usually send recruiters to malls and high schools to spit game and sucker young people in. sometimes youngsters sign up because they are having life problems, or dont know what to do with themselves, usually that means that it wasnt thought out and they will most likely regret it later.
  10. That's quite illegal. I held out on mine 'cause I just put it in a pile and forgot about it. A few weeks later, I got a letter saying that if I didn't send in my information, there could be a warrant out for my arrest. I'm really not predicting a draft in the next few years, so I'm not too worried about it.
  11. I know it's illegal but I'm a pacifist and would rather kill myself before killing someone else...
    It's the way I am.

    Most people going to war are scarred by the fact of dieing..
    I would be scarred of killing someone else
    Someone with a family
    Someone with a lover
    Someone with a wife

    It's something I just won't do
  12. well GL telling the government that. and good luck not signing those papers.
  13. I shouldnt have to pay taxes either.
  14. Can kill, Can't drink a beer for a couple years, can NEVER smoke marijuana.

    Its not just one fucked up policy.
  15. yeah it is...

    i mean i can go slaughter some peeps and have fucked up mental issues for the rest of my life.... but dwinkin is dangerious for young kids wike meeeeee.. goo goo ga ga
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    heh, I wrote this for the newspaper senior year, got a few people to join me in not filing. thank my crazy english teacher for getting this published without consulting anyone

    (I know some of it sounds weird, the editor butchered it at the last minute)

    been about a year since I should have signed and I haven't gotten any notices from the gov. could be that I've been hoping from state to state without updating my documentation, but I'm sure I would have gotten an earful from my family about this. so it's weird hearing received such quick notices about their failure to file, and this makes me wonder if maybe they're stepping up the efforts because something big is on the way
  17. yup. two different things, man...
  18. Wow.

    My generation is pretty worthless.

    I am compelled to elaborate, but also crippled by a general sense of dismay and loathing. Hopefully, being raised by even bigger brats than our parents will cause a backlash movement through our kids. We might even get them to think!
  19. yes. you are old enough to be trained in combat and sent overseas, but I'll be damned if you have a glass of wine with dinner.
  20. Quit bitching. Be thankful you don't have to serve a mandatory 2 years like Isreali citizens do.

    "blah, blah, blah" my govt wants the option of defending the country in an extreme circumstance. i'm gonna be all hard and reject it.

    Good look getting a student loan or scholarship or a job with a felony on your record.

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