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Discussion in 'General' started by evilcookie, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. ha i went to goggle search to look something and got the goggle blacklist message on their own search page. got to love it.

  2. Same, lol.
  3. What is the google black list message??
  4. Maybe hes from a country that blocks google? lol
  5. So you can't use google then? How the hell doyou get on that list? Seems like I should have achieved that by now.
  6. Haha u must be into some sick shit........ ;)
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    Or you're some hacker and they're after you now. 
    Which is it? Kiddies or keyboards?
  8. i got the thing when i hit the google button turns out it wasnt the black list thing just update my browser thing new computer still learning about the thing..whats the bear about ? cant stand kids so no miight be cause im a prepper not a hacker.
  9. You got a browser update message because you're a prepper?

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