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Just Had my First Brownie

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jikos, May 15, 2010.

  1. So I got my friend some AK-47 from my guy and he gave me a brownie and some money in exchange. now i ate it 10 minutes ago and just smoked an average sized J in that 10 minutes so I'm pretty high right now. The brownie didn't hit me yet, what should I expect? I've heard people have bad trips with bud brownies...
  2. Expect to be knocked on your ass, chill on a couch with food beside you
  3. Yeah dude, put in a good movie, have plenty of munchies and be ready to be absolutely blasted.
  4. Oh how i heart edibles, and after tonight you will to! :smoking:
  5. I'm jealous give post results of experience please :)
  6. Brownies are the bomb.
    they are best for public/family events where smoking would present logistical scenes
  7. i did that before going to play field trip a nice j but sprinkled weed over the brownie and was twisted for most of the day and almost got kicked out of the play for yelling at the actors for not acting up to my standard.
  8. are you trying to say you had a j but instead of smoking it you ripped it up and put the weed on top of a brownie? If so, you aren't very clever :p
  9. You'll be up in the clouds with me, see you there, :wave:.
  10. i recently just had my first edible. it didnt hit me until 2 hours after i ate it. it hits you really fucking hard, no joke. you will be watching t.v.or whatever then BAM!! it fucking hits you and it feels oh soooooo good. make sure your like sitting on a couch or your bed and make sure you have food near you because your gonna have madddd muchies and you will be so fucked up you cant move. also put a movie on
  11. yew shoulda wait till it hits yew be4 yew smoke. its amazinggg if yer already blazed youll jus get more blazed...
  12. Damn, I still remember my first time with brownies...30hr road trip to California with 6 other dudes, my friend and I ate 5 brownies each and were fucked for the first 20hrs of the trip lol! Awesome times, such a fun trip (mentally and physically :D).

    Anyways, dont smoke anymore/eat any more brownies until the first one hits you. If you have too many you'll get delirious and stuff and all whacked out. My friend and I dont even remember the car trip to Cali because of how badly the brownies messed us up! But in that situation, we didn't really wanna remember the drive anyways lol :D
  13. took my first firecracker (successfully made) right before my 5th period class. Lets just say it was a fun experience.

    absolutely shredded was I.

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