Just Had By Far The Scaryest Moment In My Life

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by RIP519, May 10, 2010.

  1. Hey Gc Let Me Tell You What Just Happened

    I Go Out For A Sesh Im My Garage And When I Go To Open The Door Smoke Belows Out
    Im Thinking O Fuck My Growbox Cought On Fire And Is Burning My House Down

    I Run To The Back Of The Garage To My Box And It Fine

    I Look Over At My Fireplace (One Of Those Outdoor Ones) And There Is A Flame Coming Out The Top:eek::eek::eek::eek:

    I Grabed The Hose And Fuckin Soaked The Hole Side Of My Garage But I Put It Out
    Turns Out That The Smoke I Threw Into It Cought On A Ac Adapter (I Have No Idea Y That Would Be In There, Then That Cought The Reast Of The Cigs

    Holy Fuck The Smoke Bellowed Out Of My Garage And You Could C A Huge Cloud From Down The Street. I Nearly Shit My Pants

    Ruined My Buzz Big Time To

    Luckly Everyone Was Sleeping But Im Lucky No One Called The Cops Cuz They Thought Of A Fire

    Sorry Bout The Terrible Spelling

    I Had To Air The Garage Out For 20 Min

    Worst Part Of All Was After All That My Heart Was Racing Way To Fast To Sesh
  2. I Like Yer Style There, Dude.
  3. Good thing your safe.
  4. shit that sounds awful
    ur soo lucky no one called the cops tho
    good luck
    not too be annoying but be more careful in tha future
  5. Chill dude,its all good. Good thinking.
  6. This Was A One In A Million Chance, The Cig Must Have Landed Directly On The Plastic That Was For Some Reason In There
  7. I feel sorry for your shift key.
  8. Shits Crazy Man, Good Job Saving Your House/Weed/Family
  9. Bummer, by the way how'd you make every word start with a Capital.
  10. why would u capitalize so much wtf?
  11. Look Guys I Have OCD And Its The Only Way That I Can Type
    I Dont Meen To Do It And I Cant Help It, Give Me A Break Here
    Everytime I Write A Post Ppl Rip On My Typing
    But Its Not My Fault, So Im Sorry If My OCD Is Ruining Everyone's Day

  12. Nope, as long as your not gOiN eVeRyOtTheR, wHo CaReS...

    Im happy you didnt get in trouble, good vibes in the air. Oh and post some pics when harvest comes. :D

  13. Dun Worry Dude There Will Be Lots Of Pics, Check Out My Grow In My Sig If Youd Like
  14. Dude, Yeah. That's What I Was Thinking.

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