Just had awesome dream!!!!!!

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  1. Somehow I remember this really cool dream I had and wanted to share it with ppl. So i was in Jamaica for some reason and was standing in this really sketchy place. probaly cuz i was watching shit about jamaica. these people kept walking by and was looking at the shit im wearing and im white and they all wanted to rob me. for some reason i was like im hope im wearing my fresh jordans and i looked down and was like awwww. Then im like oh thats good, theyre not gunna rob em.

    At 1 point this guy got really close.. then he got REALLY close. he tried robbin me and i pushed him back, and i checked if my phone and lighter were still there.

    2nd dream: i was in some weird school place and there ws this girl that was pretty cute that wanteed me. but i was like nah u have a bf. then i guess a game of water dodgeball with rushing water in the gym going towards you. then we were somewhere else with that girl and another girl, she was hot too and it was some1s sister so it was weird and in dreams u never go for it cuz it feels like real life. suddenly they just proceeded to rape me, then later they left, so i left , went downstairs and outside, checked the time 6:00 am.

    cant remembro anymore

    so yea kinda weird cuz i was watching this show nova and it was about dreams, and i was like im gonna have some crazy dreams.
  2. inna bad neighborhood.. "i hope im wearin my fresh jordans" :laughing:

    wrong train of thought.. noones gunna be like "oh shit, respect.. nice jordans" theye gunna be like "yo, lemme get those jordans"

  3. Truth. I can't count the times I walked barefoot home when I was a kid
  4. yea man Pbs nova is the shit..

  5. lmao word man, thats why i was happy.. this show about jamaican, yea we never kno what were gunna get out here... so thats why we carry m16's....... OH SHIT

    yes indeed, show is awesome,

    watched this 1 bout.... i forget.. probaly bout space or something i like that kinda stuff
  6. Pourin' me a glass o' that juice.

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