just had an in depth discussion with my mom...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by f1r3m4n, May 26, 2006.

  1. so i was talking ot my mom and of course since we were alone she brought up me smoking weed and stuff and at first it was all like "why do u do it its bad for u and its ilegal" and all that shit so i just countered everything w/ facts and stuff and turned the tables to where she is now 100% fine w/ me smoking and stuff and is helping me buy a vaporizer....damn i have skills
  2. My moms only argument was "weed is a gateway drug". Which in alot of cases, it is. But it was pretty easy to prove her wrong by saying I'd volintarily or how ever the fuck that spelled take a test to prove I dont smoke meth or crack.
  3. wish it was thateasy
  4. I never understood how people have such a hard time with their parents. Mine found out and didn't mind. They found out I donated buds from time to time and didn't like it but weren't raging on it. Now they accept it too. Must be quite liberal.
  5. My parenst were raging when they found out, now they accept it and my mom knows I smoke downstairs but she leaves me alone. we get along much better now that theres no secrecy.

  6. My parents have always known, and my dad has never cared, but for the past few years since my mom found out, she didn't want me smoking, saying how bad it was and what not, but the day i turned 18, she's cool with my smoking and doesn't care what i do. :hello:
  7. My parents were raging too, but it wasn't about the weed. They were worried about me drinking, and instead of me presenting facts that weed is no where near as bad as alcohol, my dad was presenting me with facts that he had found when he was in college and wrote a Pro Legalization paper on cannabis. :smoking::D
  8. My moms a hardcore anti druggie. Ecsapicaly since a kid down my street died from doing drugs laced with some shit (dont know the whole exact story). She doesnt want me to end up like that and is totaly against it. Since my mom is my dad is to then. It sucks.
  9. Pretty much my moms only arguement. As long as i have a job and doing decent in school....i dont let her bitch at me about weed. Dont get me wrong i respect her so much, but im 18 and if i have a good paying job and A's and B's then im going to do whatever the fuck i want....

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