Just had an amazing realization.

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  1. So i'm up late, (baked, duh), watching this show called punk'd..

    haha this show called punkd...everyone knows the show...wow; neway

    So I got this theory, just let me know if this sounds absolutely crazy or if its maybe a possiblity or something.

    So you know how the famous actor/actress who gets punk'd always gets put in a really awkward situation (i.e. they are accused of stealing something, they knocked over a vase and have to pay for it, etc etc) well I was watching Punk'd and though, wouldn't Ashton Kutcher be THE biggest douchebag and just blackmail celebs?

    Think about it.

    Some new upcoming on the rise star, or anyone star in general actually, is getting punk'd and during the episode they are so pissed of being accused of doing something that they didn't obviously do that they start swearing (celebs notorious for having big egos/attitudes). well anyway what if it went beyond swearing to something that could severely damage their rep, like say if they used a black guy to help punk the celeb and the celeb said something later like "wow I bet that ****** stole the watch" (not trying to offend any black ppl, obviously..just an example..) or somethin like that and OBVIOUSLY this is something that could ruin their whole career (look at Kramer for a perfect example) and so

    later out pops Ashton and they figure out there getting punk'd and later ashton says something like "hey if you dont want me to show this footage on TV, cuz it could severely ruin your career, how about you pay us xx amount of money and the tape will get thrown out or we'll give you the tape"???

    I know this sounds ludacris esp. cuz Ashton Kuthcer doesn't need any more money but what if the shows intent started upon that theory and all the cameramen/producers/editors get a cut ??

    Or the whole show is staged and none of this is true.

    Ur thoughts??:hello:
  2. or maybe he punks the celebs and thats the intent
  3. I think you've smoked you're self retarded.

  4. hahaha +rep
  5. haha. if something like that were to happen they would just call it off and destroy the tape. everyone involved in the prank probably has it in their contract that if something were to go wrong they can't tell anyone about it.
  6. I think any respectful actor/actress, person for that matter, would punch Ashton Kuthcer in the face for mentioning blackmail. Then sue him for emotional hardship brought forth by his lack of talent. End.
  7. thats black mail
  8. The reason Ashton doesn't get sued is because he punks people in public places where he can take videos of whatever he wants.
  9. Probably because Ashton Kutcher isn't exactly hurting for money.
  10. even if they did something to damage their career it would be edited out so we cannot see it.
  11. Its all in the fun of it. Watching Justin Timerblake crying to his mommy on the phone was priceless :p
  12. Also blackmail is illegal
  13. well that makes two of you!
  14. so is smoking weed?

  15. Sorry I forgot this was a grammar convention and not a weed smoking website...

  16. lololol
  17. /thread
  18. with your theory, that show has too many people associated with the show and editting that ashton would be the last to get anything from blackmail.

    as for you example of kremer... his career was over before his little outburst.
  19. its a tv show.

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