Just had a very interesting day... (got a gun pulled on me)

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    So I work for Pepsi which means I drive a lot. I'm one of the sales reps for the western part of Colorado, mostly the mountains and ski resorts (Aspen, Vail, Keystone, Breckenridge, Steamboat) so sometimes I have to drive to far places with literally nothing for like 50 miles in between the towns.

    Anyways, today I was going to Steamboat which is always a pain in the ass because I basically have to drive on a two lane road for about 120 miles, one way. So as I'm driving to this little ass town, I'm talking four houses and a small convenience store that is mostly used for hunters.

    So there is this like 20 mile stretch where there is zero cell phone service and it's pretty flat and rural and as I'm driving along in my van I see this guy walking down the road. No broken down cars, no other people, no bike or anything. So I slow down and roll down my window and ask the guy if he needs any help.

    Instead of responding he walks directly across the road towards the van's passenger side. I instinctively locked the fucking doors cause this dude was pretty sketchy looking and he tries to open the door, looks up at me and says "hey man come on give me a ride!".

    I asked him why he was walking and where he was going. Instead of getting a response he sort of gets this desparte/worried look on his face and he tells me he is going to this town which was the opposite way he was walking.

    At this point I'm like fuck this guy, he is nothing but trouble so I say "sorry man I was just making sure you were okay, I got a schedule I have to keep to and I don't have time to give you a ride".

    Then he goes from playing nice to pounding on the window demanding I let him in, which at this point I start pulling off.


    He pulls out a fucking pistol, luckily I was already pulling away so it wasn't pointed in the window and the van I drive has no other windows besides the two front ones. I was freaked the fuck out and just gunned it and I've never been happier for a 7.3 liter V10 diesel.

    I left that fucker in the dust and had a fucking scare man. You guys got to take into account there is no towns for like 30 miles and no cell phone service and rarely any other people driving on the road. I would have been fucked.

    Anyways I'm back home safe and about to cook myself a huge steak and blaze up to chill the fuck out.

    If anyone ever drives Highway 131 DO NOT stop to pick anyone up.
  2. Nice work with the quick thinking.

    That scenario is how horror movies start, bro. Smoke a bowl and be glad to be alive! :hello:
  3. hah shitt
    thatd be pretty fucked up
    glad youre alright
  4. Dude that is exactly what my boss said when I told him, it was exactly like a fucking horror movie.

    I hate driving that route because it's always so weird, like hicks everywhere and I have nothing against hicks but when you pull up to a gas station and the truck next to you has a dead fox in it and the guy comes out and basically plays with it, that town is fucked up.
  5. Jesus! That story was super intense.

    I would of been flipping the fuck out and he was probably walking down there for a reason, cause he knows no one can call for help so he can pratically murder someone and get away with it as long as no one passes a lot haha.
  6. damn bro, that would be a quick adrenaline rush. did you calm down by the time you got to steamboat?

    i know the place your talking about I think. Last time I went to Denver I had to drive all over the east side of colorado.
  7. Dude, that's why I was sketched out from the start. It would of been different if he was standing next to a pulled over car, I was just makin sure he was okay cause there is NOTHING there and like I said no cell phone service.

    Fuck no, I'm still kinda freaked out. I feel like a fag sayin shit like this but I seriously wonder if he tried to get someone else. I feel pretty lucky I locked my doors before he came over. I'm considering carrying shit with me next time or asking for someone to come with me haha. Oh and it was west CO not east, east is all flat!
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  9. ah, yeah i didnt get into west colorado last trip out there. but i passed threw a bunch of towns with like 5 terrible built shacks, a gas station, and a shitty bar. colorado has a lot of shit holes for how an amazing state it is.
  10. East CO is ridiculous. I've never even really been there myself but it is ALL farm land, nothing else. We consider anything east of Denver just Kansas lol.
  11. Why are you spamming that? Please stop, no one cares.
  12. lol yeah, im driving from kansas city so the whole drive in kansas and east colorado. its a pretty weak drive.

    what is the in before clive nonsense?
  13. ill stop for a second to just say... pedophile van!

    anyways... that sucks man... back in the 70s i swear i got a gun pulled on me atleast once a week trying to help people...
  14. Haha. I'm not gunna lie, it totally is a pedo van. And yea I was more pissed then scared because I was just seeing if he was all good.

    Also thanks for the comments guys, made me laugh at some stuff. Cheered me right up.
  15. damnn dude! what towns were you in between? i've never personally driven 131, but i've been on it before.
    so, so, SO glad you're safe!
  16. Toponas and Wolcott, they both have tops like 50 people who live in them.

    toponas colorado - Google Maps
  17. ah, so west of kremmling.

    yea, those mountain folk are definitely not always friendly.
    and there's usually a reason they choose to live that far from civilization.
  18. If you get a gun pulled on yo ass u shud fuck the pussy up
  19. Well honestly I have more trouble with the rich pricks in Aspen and Vail then I do those guys. Most of the time they're just creepy lol.

    I don't think this guy would do that near his home, I don't know what the fuck he was doing. I didn't see any abandoned cars before or after seeing him and 20 miles is too far to just walk...
  20. That's some intense shit good call on your part just driving off. Did you call the cops and let them know there is some maniac with a gun on 131?

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