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Discussion in 'General' started by Ayron, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. so im sitting here waiting for my girlfriend to come over and im going through my computer browser history and deleting all the porn ive watched this week and i thought that there should be a button that just deletes everything of this nature so i dont have to try to remember what my passwords and log in names to everything is lol. what do you think? :smoke:
  2. its called "in private browsing"

  3. i have no idea what that is :( I dont really watch porn a lot just when my gf is mad at me and wont let me bone her :smoke:
  4. leave it for her to find so she will better know your deepest fantasies
  5. What's the big deal, your girlfriend can't know you do something as normal and common as watching porn?
  6. Chances are she watches it too.

    There was actually a study that shows woman frequent porn sites more than men.
  7. That study is false Oblivion420.
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    You have mad it my duty to retrieve the article. I will be back!

  9. she knows them already and i only watch lesbian porn lol. She bisexual likes girls more than guys lol

  10. ive only met 2 girls in my entire life that watch porn
  11. ...and we wait :hello:
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  13. What do you use? I know Chrome has it's only thing, incognito I think.

    And if you're using IE, well then you're just special. Dunno about Opera tho.

  14. chrome

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