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  1. I would put this in the stoned quotes,but I'm not high and this whole conversation was pure gold and I didn't want to forget anything while looking for the stoned quotes thread..so here it goes.

    My friend just called me,at 3 AM,and I could tell he was high as hell.I asked him if he was high.This was the beginning of the conversation:

    Me: "Dude are you high?"
    Him: "No dude"
    Me: "yes you are."
    Him: "I'll bet you TEN DOLLARS I'm not....HA-HA..Get it?" *minimal laughter from the both of us*

    He then told me he was high.

    me: "Dude I knew it.You owe me 10 bucks"
    Him: "NO DUDE,We Nevvvaaa Agreed."
    Me: "That's what you think"
    Him: "so,I was playing pokemon earlier....I love pokemon.You're gay if you don't like pokemon"
    Me: "Hey *insert friends name*"
    Him: "whaaaaattt?"
    Me: "Theres a chameleon on your pants,and he'll eat your penis"
    Him: "Isn't a chameleon a pokemon?"
    Me: "no,they are lizards that blend in with their surroundings."
    Him: "Thats a KEKELON...."

    Then we get into a conversation about Facebook.

    Him: "Dude,I figured it all out about Facebook.I found it out..i found it out.I figured out that there are these little groups of people that are like real life...they all like...are separated." *goes into conversation about people we know and how they are separated into little groups on Facebook*
    Me: *Silence*

    I then decide to mess with him.

    Me: "Dude.Guess what sound this is" *puts phone up to Air Conditioner*
    Him: "uhhhh"
    Me: "Here it comes again!!!"
    Him: "Dude idk but that sounds gay.it sounds like you sucking on some air dick"
    Me: "It's a Air Conditioner."
    Him: "Oh,Air conditioners are awesome but you're still gay.I'm super straight"

    Then he tells me our dealer got pulled over with his weed and gets ticketed,and the cops confiscate the weed.No point in mentioning though.then we talk about why Weed is better than legal stuff like K2.That lasted like 5 minutes,and then the convo went to this.

    Him: "So I'm hanging out with *insert girl's name* tomorrow at the fair and we're gonna get high and ride rides..it's gonna be so trippy to ride rides while high"
    Me: "Yeah dude"
    Him: "YEAH.and you think I should ask her to blow me"
    Me: "uhhh,dude she's *insert friend's name*'s ex.He'd be mad"

    Then we talk about more stupid shit.

    Him: "Dude you're gay"
    Me: "No,I'm straight.You're half gay."
    Him: "You're 3/4 gay!"
    Me: "You're 95% gay,so it doesn't matter"
    Him: "You're as gay as *insert friend's name"
    Me: "well you're as gay as Clay Aiken"
    Him: "Well you're as gay as Elton John's ASSHOLE!" *laughs from the both of us*

    Kinda stupid,yet good conversation.I know it's long,but I spaced it out to make it easier to read.I hope you guys enjoy the conversation/read as much as I enjoyed being in it.
  2. I did not enjoy this. Malarkey.
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    Sorry about that.I figured most wouldn't.
  4. Well you're as gay as Elton John's asshole hahaha
  5. Thats some random shit right there, but its all good. :bongin:
  6. lol wtf how old are you???
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    I am eighteen years of age.
    How old are you?
  8. i fucking read it

    and i fucking wish i didnt.

    i want that minute of my life back that i just wasted:cool:
  9. Lol that sounds funny, my friends and i get in random shit like that all the time
  10. it was not attract me.
  11. I quite enjoyed this sir :smoke:
  12. I`d be pissed if someone called me at 3AM only to have nothing important to tell me but random shit... unless they knew I was awake then its a different story lol.
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    You talk to your friends on the phone? :laughing:

  14. You're gay im super straight.
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    He knows I'm always awake at 3am.
    And he honestly doesn't give a fuck either way
  16. "Him: "Thats a KEKELON....""

    with me being a pkmn master and all, this dude knew his shit.

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