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Discussion in 'General' started by HighHaze, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. back in elementary there was this 1 bad ass kid in the class and this is the convo between him and the DARE cop lol

    cop: so if someone asks you if you want to smoke a joint with them, what are you going to say?

  2. haahhahaha! for sure dude. I remember "that dude"

    I was always the dude that thought the same thing but didnt say it out loud. Go figure.. I been stoned since the 7th grade! 12 years now.
  3. LOL @ DARE

    I remember going to DARE, finishing school, and smoking cigarettes after school was over with my older, cooler middle school friends :) Ahhhhh, memories! Haha.

    The chick who read her DARE essay in front of the whole graduating class/parents at our 5th grade graduation (.....) ended up pregnant at like 16 and got her kid jacked real early in life cause she was livin' with some dude and fucking him for meth...

    Thank you, DARE, for being her first exposure to illegality.

    -Swerd Murd
  4. In 5th grade we all had to write speeches for the Dare program and the best 3 were to be read at our dare graduation ceremony,and I got 2nd place. I always thought that was funny seeing as how I'm posting on a marijuana and drug forum now usually about my pickups or experiences :p
  5. We don't have anything like DARE here. I totally missed out! :/
  6. yeah i guess i missed out to. had a cop come to school in grade 3 to talk about drugs lol....
  7. haha i was always doing something bad in class in like k - 5 haha i brought my lil swiss army knives to school and lighters and one time i made a blow gun with a needle and an eraser and shot it outa a pen at a kid and got in trouble at recess
  8. thats awesome!
    dude, if I do a report for one of my classes soon and can choose any topic,
    it'll be why to smoke a bowl once in awhile.

  9. i actually failed dare in elementary....:rolleyes:
    they couldnt brain wash me...even then!
  10. bad ass lol
    fight the power!

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