just had a family smokeout!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MariJane402, May 6, 2011.

  1. It was my Mom, my brother, his girlfriend, and me. I have some DANK strawberry cough, offered, and we all enjoyed a few bowls in the sunshine :D

    Anyone else smoke with family? I know with siblings it is pretty common.
  2. I smoke with my cousin whenever we can find the time to meet up and I love it, my brother aswell when I can get up north.. I love smoking with family you never have to worry about someone pinching your bag or anything when your taking a piss
  3. Damn. I could never in my life imagine smoking with immediate family.... How're your high conversations like? :|.
  4. oh god we laugh so much. its when we get along the best haa
  5. I wish :( . But strawberry cough is BOSS
  6. I've smoked with my brother a few times. Never anybody else in my fam. Pretty much all of them know (except my grand parents for obvious reasons) and are fine with it, but don't do it themselves.

    But yeah, my brother and I have smoked blunts together at parties before, etc. Never really chilled though, it's odd. But he's more of a drinker, I like smoking.
  7. I get high with my aunt and her girl friend. They love having me over cuz I'm the one with all the jokes when we get high we laugh forever! Then we sip some 40s and reminisce on the past when we were younger. Ah good times, thank god I'm heading over there today! Roll that blunt ;-)
  8. hooray for weed
  9. Never have but I'll be seeing my sister in a few weeks and I am making sure we smoke together at some point.:smoke:
  10. man, ive been trying to do this with my dad and brothers for while... my dads use to be a hippie but stopped the grass usage :(. Cherish it man.
  11. as a lady, i will indeed.
  12. Some of my best memories include my uncle, cousins and I spending a week fishing by day and toking by night. Enjoy and cherish it man!

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