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  1. So I just woke up and I had a dream in a dream. In the dream I woke up after dreaming about something I can't remember then I went to school ( for some reason I was like 14 in my dream) when I got there everything was dark and scary looking and I begged to go home and my grandma kept saying no and then i said I had a bad dream I don't like it here and she imedidietly picked up her phone which was ringing and talk then hung up and said what was the number I said what? She said what was the number in your dream I said why? She then said your dad asked I said but he's been dead for 17 years she said I know then I said idk the number and she proceded to kill the sherif from the walking dead who was sitting next to me the rest of the dream was a zombie apacolypse. Sorry for the jumbled post trying to get it down before I forget.
  2. That's some inception shit right there. Hope you brought your totem.
  3. damn . I can honestly say i haven't ever had a dream with in a dream that i can recollect. Have you ever seen the movie inception ?? Might account for the phenomena .

    Side note: i cant help but think of southpark and hearing the guy in the back ground doing those corny sound effects making fun of the movie "Bum bum bum,bloom bum bum bum boom boom buuuuum. " lol Sorry not trying to make fun of just made me smile.

  4. Ive only seen the snowy scene in the movie.
  5. i also had it once with sleeping paralysis. shit was creepy
  6. I love how your grandma kills the sheriff.
  7. I actually had a dream in a dream in a dream last night. Three layers deep! i had to wake up and tell my gf about it :laughing:
  8. we're still dreaming
  9. I've heard that you can like catch yourself in a dream. As in you realize you are dreaming and know its fake. The concept Linda fucks with me though
  10. ^ i do that all the time.
  11. ive done this like twice. i woke up in a dream in a dream
  12. There's thread for dreams , search sandman .
  13. Lucid Dreaming man check it out... And it does work just takes alot of practice but it's worth the effort. Basicly once you become aware and wake up in your dream literally anything is possible without conciquence... Very cool stuff.
  14. I had a dream in a dream once and it was weird..dreamt I got up, went and took a piss then went downstairs and said what's up to my dad and got some breakfast then woke up and started doing the same thing and realized I just had a dream of doing the same shit and then woke up again and then was mindfucked and then did the same things for shots and grins but my dad said the same shit to me as in my dreams and that was crazy..I was doing a lot of unmentionables at the time and I later attributed it to dreams being versions of us in parallel universes and those were just timelines where everything was the same as mine
  15. I had one about a year ago, scared the shit outta me. So my dream started at the dentists office, I still had braces in the dream cus the doc said sunthin like looks like we got another brace face as he put me under. Right as he put the mask for oxegyn or whatevs I was in another dream swimming through a lake. I remember it being so beautiful n felt so good. But when I dove down deeper n came up,I was sittying up straight in my bed. I felt wires still so I went up to use the bathroom. At this time I thought I was awake until I hit my light switch n nothing turned on, (they nevr work in a dream so I knew I was dreaming. But I started panicing cus I couldn't open my door. So I thought for a while how to wake up n came to the conclusion that I had to jump on my head n break my nek to wake... Thank god that worked, then I was at the bottom of the lake drownding, it felt like I was slowly dloating to the surface while looking at the lakebed. Then I woke up from the dentist n he had pulled a tooth out but since I had braces he ended up taking out my whole bottom rack. I woke up straight bamboozled!!!!
  16. Haha happened to me once.
  17. [​IMG]

    had to be done.

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