just had a dental abscess drained..can i smoke?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by ooahll3noo, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. sooo basically 2 questions...main one is the the subject.... i just had a pretty bad tooth infection (? idk never had one before) and got the abscess drained and have been on antibiotics... this was maybe 60 hours ago...the swelling has gone down dramatically since then but am not completely healed...can i have a couple rips a day??
    another question...i have a weed lollipop my friend gave me and i was licking on it the day before i got my abscess drained...and saved the rest for later because i had anticipated not smoking....is there any chance that lollipop is...'infected' in any way? is it unsanitary to finish off that lollipop?

  2. wow posted at 420 forum time by coincidence...thats awesome
  3. Finish it, it should be ok. I just has an abscess myself and I just got on antibiotics to make it go away.

    Me personally I would finish it just to get high.
  4. yeah might just go ahead with the lollipop since im infected anyways. how about smoking bowls tho??? anyone with any experience smoking after getting abscess drained??
  5. The problem with you smoking now is cotton-mouth!  A lack of saliva can increase the number of bacteria in your mouth. So have a big glass of water, and keep sipping as you toke!  No cotton-mouth, no problem!
  6. When I got my wisdom teeth pulled I smoked the day after and didn't get dry socket. The way I did it was using a bong with no water. Mine has a removable downstem apart from the bowl piece. I just pulled out the downstem enough to make it let air come in. Bassicly made a dry pipe with a bong using the downstem as a carb making there no suction to smoke. More like breathing in smoke instead of sucking it in.
  7. No


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