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Just had a birthday blaze

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gameshark39, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Hey blades!! Its my birthday today, and i just had the most fantastic wake n bake. Started up old maelstrom (shes a glass bowl of mine), packed er up and smoked nice and slow. I made sure to enjoy it. Now im high as fuck and gonna go grab some booze for tonight where ill be hitting the clubs (and hoping they dont hit back). Anyone else have an extra special sesh this morning?
  2. Happy birthday man! I just enjoyed a freshly packed bowl of some no name dank with kief in my bubbler, "squidward", and i dedicate it to you my friend :smoke: hahahaha.
  3. um its 11 50 am(still mourning...niiice) here so and i just smoked a bowl well still smokin one so fuck yea happy bday
  4. Happy birthday. Glad you have a nice session this morning! :smoke:
  5. Happy B day. i just woke up and its 12:30 here so i hit some gravitators in honor of your b day.
  6. Happy birthday
  7. Happy Birthday dude, I had a nice session this morning, no real occasion but a nice one non the less.
  8. ill dedicate my next bowl to your birthday lol
  9. Holy crap. It's only 2? lol i got out of class way early today, so my day is kinda fuxxed?
    Happy birthday man! How old?
    WAIT let me guess...either 21,22 or 23

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