Just had 1 of the deepest dreams of my life

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  1. Okay,so i felt like sharing this dream i just had with some people.Its strange,and has meaning to it,and includes cannabis.So why not share it here. The dream starts out with me seeing one of my old friends new facebook,and on it their was a link to a commercial on youtube.It showed 3 weak cannabis plants as just more then seedlings,and words across said the plants were dead for a reason,and not to grow it.It had a religious vibe to it,and the people behind it are christians.Not that i have a problem with religion,i just have different beliefs.Well lack of a belief. Back to the dream,so then im watching a movie with my friends parents as the main characters.There filming on a remote island with mansions etc.Its real luxurious.Then all the sudden alot of land with trees pops onto the island,and the movie stars etc freak out,and then the trees turn into sheep,and the people quickly scurry into an underground shelter.But 1 lady stands at the top of the stairs,and watches,and asks the people "Havent you seen sheep before?"lol Then i woke up.It was a very strange dream,but i felt it held a strong meaning to it,and felt like sharing it.Any comments,or stories of your trippy dreams would be cool.
  2. That's trippy, that's like some Adventure Time type shit bro
  3. The new Ep. today was trippy haha
  4. 'havent you seen sheep before?' haha thats fuckin sick.
  5. It was fuckin strange peeps.I feel like theres a reason i had this dream.Like its not your usual random dream.I guess time will tell.Thanks for reading though for sure.I didnt know if anyone would.Happy tokin bladez
  6. [quote name='"Snoop Khalifa"']That's trippy, that's like some Adventure Time type shit bro[/quote]

    Adventure time is about the kid(main character) forgot his name but he's the last person on earth and everybodys deformed /evolved lol.but damn that's a Reilly dream had a couple of those

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