Just greened out.

Discussion in 'General' started by arks59, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. So I was at my friend's house and we smoked a pretty big middies blunt together. I was feeling good, it was a lot but not that much more than usual. So I was walking back to my dorm and I decided to stop for pizza. I ordered and went outside to smoke a cig while they were making it. I went back in with about 5 minutes to go, so I was standing there waiting when all of the sudden I got really dizzy and fainted. It was only a moment but I fell and got right back up. About a minute later as I was paying for my pizza, I fainted again. Again, I got right back up. I paid and left and felt woozy all the way up to my dorm. I just finished my pizza and I'm feeling better, but still not great. I think it was because I was hungry. It was the first thing I had eaten all day. What's weird is that this has never happened before and I've been an almost daily smoker for a while. I also know it wasn't because it was middies, because I almost always smoke middies. It really sucked. And the pizza parlor was crowded, so it was pretty awkward.
  2. i passed out after a month break.sitting on my friends stool feeling silly and tired. next thing i know i was in a dream, then i woke up and noticed i feel like 4 feet. feel so hard my earring bent into a 90 degree angle. passed out like 3 more times, then they dragged me inside and gave me water. hahah man it was strange.
  3. Yea dude this sucks. Now I'm feeling pins and needles under my tongue. I'm not freaking out or anything, I'm just fairly uncomfortable.
  4. As a general rule of thumb, I never smoke without having a little bit of something to eat and drink first.
  5. cannabis can cause a drop in blood pressure? or sugar? i always forget. but yeah my buddy faints quite a bit unfortunately. just make sure you are drinking enough water daily, and gettin enough vitamins.
  6. Wacky tabacky man wacky tabacky will grab yah by your throat, crawl down to yah longs and bite yah in the ass.

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