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  1. Schools out. Graduated with a 7,9-8,0 gpa (in finland its 4-10), which is definitely not the best but quite good still. My own mother didn't even tell me "good job", let alone telling me she's proud of me. My sister told me she's proud, but behind my back tells my mom she wasn't looking after me enough and making sure I was getting good grades. My dad..doesn't accept anything else than a 10.

    A good start for my 2,5 month summer vacation..atleast I can get drunk as fuck tonight with my friends.

    Sorry just needed to 'rant'.

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    Whatever, forget what they said. You passed didn't you? 
    Some people probably didn't pass. So be proud in yourself, feel good. You passed!
    You can't always reach your parent's standards. Your an adult now (assuming), you have nobody to please but yourself now. If your proud of what you received, than be proud of yourself dude. 
  3. You would feel better if you heard my story. I have been moved to 8 different countries since 8th grade, all because of me not reaching my parents expectations and some other accidental shit that happened to me.
    Do what I am doing. Work hard, fuck everybody, become something.
    In 5 years dont even talk to your family, they will see you on the internet, T.V., magazines. Anywhere they go they will be reminded of your success.
    Then write a autobiography on how your parents didnt accept you and how your a self-made nigga.

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