Just got wisdom teeth out

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    I got (15) 800mg Ibuprofen and (15) Tylenol T3's.

    And for the next 6 - 12 HOURS my whole mouth / face will be numb. Fucking gay.

    edit: (forgot to ask you guys) Do you think I can go back to the pharmacy and get Vic or more T3's instead of the motrin?
  2. damn b.
    i actually enjoyed the whole event of my wisdom teeth removal. i felt so fucked up from the anesthetic the rest of the day, i got some good vics, and i didnt have to do jack shit for a week or so. i didnt enjoy toking thru my nose though, it burned. but i remember after popping several vicodens my face was really itchy, and numb at the same time so it was difficult to find the itch. good luck and i hope you have a quick healing process!
  3. Yeah dude the anesthesia was awesome.
  4. The instant I woke up from my wisdom-teeth removal they sent me to a room with several other patients waiting to go home. My dad was sitting across from me and I was like, "Dad, I'm so fucked up right now." Laughing like some doped out fool. Good times.
  5. I have to get mine removed on the 28th
  6. You're stuck with what your doc prescribed.

    You can go back to the dentist and tell him you're in a lot of pain, but that doesnt always work.
  7. It sucks bad for about 5 days.

    It gets a bit better. Just hit gravity bongs, and you'll be alright.

    Maybe wait a day, though...
  8. Only your dentist can change your prescription. You could try, but they will probably think your a drug addict :p

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