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Just got Volcano

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hermit5256, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. Well i decided to not go for online, i live 10 minutes from haight street (just moved to CA) and sure enough they have it all over, 495$ done and done.......anyway.....Just hit my first bag....and here is my review......HOLY $HIT...this thing is nuts i am crazy stoned!
  2. congrats sounds like money well spent i rasie my glass pipe to u
  3. i envy volcano owners

  4. ~u deuchbag... enjoy!~ :p
  5. Ohhh god, my friend got one a couple days ago for $425 i believe. The thing is unbelievable. I was stoned most of the yesterday...
  6. Price must be going down, how much is it online. Congrats on the pruchase.
  7. Everywhere i looked online was asking 560.

    Thanks for the words....i have always been a bong guy....but this thing is terrific....and holy $hit does it Fuk u up.
  8. im fucking jealous as ever. I need to get one
  9. My friend had one before he quit smoking. It was pretty nice. My only problem was that it seemed to cause alot of congestion after using it, and my throat would be all f'd up. Dunno, I know it's a vap and all, but that's the effect it had on me. smoking out of a vap is alot different then regular smoking weed. That friend I knew who had one sold it cause he said that the volcano was "taking over his life." so be carefull with that thing.
  10. Nice hermit heres a tip tho

    If you can't really go back to smoking or just wanna hit a dense bag volcano style when you're by a friends but don't wanna risk that 500 dollar machine just buy a cheap heatgun some screens and 2 reducer nozzles

    Portable vapo that doesn't resemble anything a pig could take as anything bud a plastic welders suppies (the gun and reducers in a backpack or something)

    Glad more GC folks are finally posting about the yummy nature of vapping

    Oh and another tip....set the heat slightly low the first run so the trichromes melt together if you don't the screen seems to capture some of the finer thc bits
  11. Taking over his life eh?... lol

  12. When you switch from smoke to vapor your body adjusts to the massive boost in pure thc so you vap more and since it's tastey you keep at it

    It's less rituatual like rolling or packing a glass piece more craving that awesome intense first few vapor highs you got

    As for your throat problem mr whippy if you try again just filter it through a tiny bit of warm or hot water (like maybe 1/4th of an inch under water) from the bag

    This should fix ya up ...add vanilla/ect extracts in tiny droplet amounts per waterload to get a nice tastey rip
  13. Congratulations man, welcome to the vaporizing club.
  14. once i made a shitty vapo out of a light bulb, plastic bottle cap, and a straw. it was aight, but i love a glass pipe or bong. maybe its because i havent tried a real vapo. hey hermit, what part of cali are you at?
  15. I live on chestnut st in san fran....U?
  16. I just ordered one as a christmas present to me and my girlfriend! I can't wait! One of my friends has one, and its amazing.. blows me away everytime!
  17. Just be careful, that thing will take over your life!!!!!!!

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