just got two SSDs, smoking fast!

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by wappaap, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. everything loads instantly! WoW!
  2. Nice, which ones did you get?
  3. crosshair nova 32 GB

    kingston v series 64 GB

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  4. Very nice...I'll probably get my hands on an SSD at some point, once my cash flow gets going. Depending on the price, maybe an OCZ Vertex/Agility 2 or Crucial C300.
  5. Have you loaded your OS onto these, and if so, how does it compare when running built-in apps, e.g. a MS disk utility ? How much does the SSD speed up what you are doing, in general ?

    SSD are pretty much the only toy I don't have....yet :eek:, but I've been eye-balling these babies for a while now. Like to hear your experiences. One last question: how do they connect to the system ?
  6. firefox loads as if windows knew i was going to load it all along. windows loads as if it was on steroids.

    i'm very impressed with SSD.
  7. It's hard to exactly quantify how much faster an SSD is, since it really depends on what the drive is doing and the quality of the drive controller. The biggest improvement over traditional hard drives is random read and write performance, since SSDs aren't limited by physical movement of HDDs in manipulating data. High-end SSDs can handle disc operations roughly 3x faster than Raptor-type HDDs.

    To make a long explanation short, the basic operation of SSDs makes them more prone to accumulating garbage data when it does a large number of disc operations over time, which can drastically impact performance--the benchmarks I've seen after torture testing reduce reading speed up to 1/7th. This is mitigated by using a function called TRIM which makes the drive clean these garbage data clusters, restoring the disc performance, though it's not supported as much in some smaller drives.

    Most SSDs connect the same way as modern hard drives via SATA, though there are some out there that can connect via USB or PCI-E, or even PATA (for older laptops).
  8. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhIzg8yeUcE&feature=related]YouTube - 24 Solid State Drives Open ALL of Microsoft Office In .5 Seconds (french)[/ame]

    idfk what's up with the spanish subs, I can't find the original one.
  9. 6TB of SSD's cost a fuckload lol
  10. I have windows on a 32 GB SSD. all my apps and games on a 64 GB SSD. and I dump all my misc stuff on my 1.5 TB hard drive that is already half full.

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