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just got toro disk/circ

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by royale, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. i just picked up a toro disk/perc from big als today. i was also conteplating a 7/14 (i think thats what it was) but got the disc/circ. i think i think im pretty satisfied with my purchase. it hits really nice, and clears super fast. i also have a 8-arm toro a/c to go with it. what hits smoother, the disk/circ or the 7/14? and which toro bong do you prefer?
    i took the pics with my iphone.

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  2. Toro Circs diffuse like none other man, sweet pick up. Mind ballparking what you paid for it? Im just curious cuz im deciding right now between a 7-13 and a Disk to Circ, and i have no idea what the Disks cost. :cool:
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    straight 700, im not sure if thats good or not, i guess the 7/13 are 750 the guy said.
  4. also does the disk diffuser look a little hi up? or does that even matter

  5. No that price sounds about right, there are people here who know wayyy more about Toro than i do, but im pretty sure that the prices of his tubes drop a good amount if you get them w/out worked sections or collabs.
  6. hey since you got your toro at big als, what other toros do they have there?
  7. they had 1 other like mine but the circulator chamber is alil smaller. they had a bunch of 7/13. some disk/13. and some just disk straight tubes. and lots of ash catchers

  8. no you're fine

    i actually looked at that piece at big al's in person and i liked it
  9. sweet that makes me happy haha

  10. glad, enjoy the piece man :smoking: :hello:
  11. Sick toro!
  12. the 7/13 have a more airy hit. the stemless disk provides more chug and you actually feel the hit

  13. the stemless disk actually has a very airy hit depending on the water level you put in there

    when I tried the level 521 was using, with the water above the disc, it actually provides a chug.... same effect when people fill the perc trees half way (all preference).

    however when filled with the water like on a US tubes stemless, right below the disc, u get the bubbling but with a more airy hit

    toros to me in general are pretty airy IMO
  14. what do you mean airy? like dont really feel it?
    i put extra water in the disk and omg i dont even feel the hit, usually ill have a small cough from my inline/5 roor but damn this thing is so smooth.
    but i hit it the first time with a little less water in the disk, like barely touching it and it kinda had a more steamroller taste stilll smooth though, but i definantly like it with more water in the disk

  15. yup, airy means its very dragless and doesn't feel like you're getting a "pull"

    i like some chug so the added water made it so much more pleasing

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